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My Pie Monday: 'Mootzaleppo', BBQ Brisket, Dutch Oven Pizza and More!

Happy very eclectic My Pie Monday! No two pizzas are alike in this 15 pie roundup. From newcomer AMLewis' Dutch oven cooked pie to the Daily Slice-inspired "Mootzaleppo" by Imwalkin, you Slice'rs are demonstrating some serious diversity and creativity—but no surprise there. Norma and Ev spent some time firing pizzas in Ev's wood fired oven and were met with what looks like great success. Atmast has been saving up some sous vide Corned Beef that she used on her Irish pie, whereas Bierebeer opted to go the barbecue brisket route. There's a Rosa a la Chris Bianco from Burger365, and a hazelnut and date pizza from Redwgn67. Tupper Cooks! finally got to try out cheese curd as a topping, and Tscarborough submits his all-time favorite jalapeƱo and pepperoni topped pie. There's some mushroom pie advice from TXCraig1 and amusebouche1 revisited the southern inspired tomato pie. There's also a tomato and garlic pie from BHkitchen, a smoky mozzarella and broccoli rabbi by maxcriden, and a whole slew of pizzas from forzapizza. More

My Pie Monday: Frankenpizza, Sfincillian, Salmon, and Much More!

Happy MPM folks! A day late, but there is nothing short of excellence in this week's roundup. The dedication to pizza in this group is pretty hardcore. I'm talking vigilante-flour-smuggling-across-borders hardcore. And beyond that there are new hyrbrids cropping up, like dmcavanaugh's Sfincillian, some kitchen chemistry from the first lady of pizza experiments, Ms. Norma427, and the topping ingenuity that we have come to expect from amusebouche1. Girl Loves Pizza shows a simpler, and equally delicious side, to her pizza making and Jimmyg gets back to his New York roots after his hiatus into Bonci-landia. TXCraig1 continues to heat things up in the Lone Star State. Things get fancy-pants in BHKitchen's dough department, and equally fancy when it comes to Shantillypicnic's toppings. And check out Crystaldragon's cure for a bacon craving, and the pickled pepper fix from Atmast. More

My Pie Monday: Schiacciata con l'Uva, Black Eyed Peas, Mac n Cheese, and More!

Happy My Pie Monday! From the looks of things Slice'rs were ringing in the New Year with all kinds of delicious pizzas. Dmcavanagh and Norma427 took the Tuscan track with grape studded focaccia (schiacciata con l'uva). Was there some MPM behind-the-scenes pie coordination there? Amusbouche1 made his annual New Year's smoked salmon pizza, and atmast loaded up on luck for the year with her black eyed pea topped 'Hoppin' Good' pizza. Buffalo chicken and mac n cheese formed a union on Girl Loves Pizza's pie, bacon and onion from olsonmatt made a winning combination, jimmyg got high accolades from a junior pizza lover for his sausage and pepper pizza, and BHkitchen created a New Mexican green chile half and half pie. More

My Pie Monday: Roman Potato, Lemon Artichoke, Neo-Neapolitan, and More!

It's My Pie Monday time! We've got a couple of new contributors in the line-up this week. Making not only his first submission, but his first homemade pie(!), we have a giant pepperoni topped pie from Chris Barker. Looks like he might be a natural. Also long time follower, first time contributor Ryan Hagerty has a cheese and basil pie in the mix and BHkitchen sends in a TXCraig1 inspired steamed artichoke and sliced lemon topped pizza. Jimmyg took a page from the Pizzarium book and created a potato topped Roman style pie, Amusbouche1 represents the Thanksgiving season with a squash, maple, sage, and pecan pie, and Norma427 took some pointers from Slice'r Ev in making a fluffy, airy Reinhart Neo-Neapolitan pie. More

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