'BBQ King House' on Serious Eats

A Damn Good Duck in Chicago at BBQ King House

[Photograph: Sheri Will] I'm sure the Butterball folks have some ninja on retainer that will assassinate me for this, but here it is: I don't like turkey. I can stand it, but given a choice to cook any protein in the world, it's probably the last one I would. I've had it brined, deep fried, roasted, spatchcocked, and sautéed. The only time I really liked it was slathered in mole on a burrito and once at my brother-in-law's, smoked and doused in barbecue sauce à la pulled pork, but both of those experiences were more about the sauce than the meat. There was also the Thanksgiving I confited a bunch of legs. Not bad, but turkey skin cracklins aren't... More

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