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BBQ Chicken Chelsea, Home of the Colpop, Has Closed

New York Adam Kuban Post a comment

It seems that not even the staggering amount of PR that came in the wake of Colpop meme was enough to keep BBQ Chicken in Chelsea open. You may remember it as the location that Serious Eats discovered the novel... More

Snack to the Future: The Col-Pop, an All-in-One Chicken Nugget and Soda Cup: The Colpop

Fast Food Adam Kuban 26 comments

The Col-Pop from South Korean fried chicken chain BBQ Chicken combines drink cup and food container in one, ushering in a new era of snack portability. More

The Best Fried Chicken in Fast Food: Not the Colonel, Not Popeyes

New York Ed Levine 13 comments

Before I set foot in the BBQ Chicken that just opened near Serious Eats world headquarters, I was as confused as anyone. A Korean company called BBQ Chicken with 3,500 locations in 37 countries was opening a fried chicken... More

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