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Meet Your Farmers: KayCee Wimbish and Owen O'Connor of Awesome Farm, New York

Note: This week in Meet Your Farmers we meet KayCee Wimbish and Owen O'Connor two young (and awesome) farmers who are part of a blossoming organic industry in the Hudson Valley. [Photograph: Awesome Farm] Name: KayCee Wimbish and Owen O'Connor Farm: Awesome Farm in Tivoli, New York. How many acres? We currently lease 75 acres, but only use 30 intensively. The other 45 are for cutting hay and back-up grazing. We're looking for a new home base right now, so those numbers could change soon. Your crew: We hired folks to help us slaughter chickens this year. Dana Gentile and our our friends Jeff Bonhag and Tracey Potter-Fins logged a lot of volunteer hours. [Flickr: mizzell] What you grow: Grass... More

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