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Snapshots from Australia: How to Eat and Drink Like a Melbourne Local

Australia is well known for its wine and lamb. But what about its local food culture? Aside from my hometown Outback Steakhouse and listening to Men at Work toot about vegemite sandwiches, I've been pretty ignorant to the local food scene in Australia. So on a recent trip to Melbourne, I coaxed an authentic Australian mate (my husband) away from the cricket to show me how the locals eat and drink. More

Yesterday, In-N-Out in Sydney for One-day Pop-up Event

Yesterday In-N-Out appeared in Sydney for the first time at a pop-up event at Mexican restaurant Barrio Chino (sorry we didn't find out earlier so we could tell you guys to actually go to the event). Similar to the In-N-Out pop-up in Shanghai last month, this event also illustrated some not so secret menu items, specifically Animal Style and Protein Style burgers. Prices were a bit higher than in the US: Double-Double for AU $5 (US $5.23), cheeseburger for AU $4 (US $4.18), and hamburger for AU $3 (US $3.14). More

School Lunch in Australia

We don't have set lunches or cafeteria's over here. We have canteens, which mean that kids buy what they want off the menus each day. You can also do "lunch orders" (normally only in primary school), where you or your parents write exactly what you want on a brown paper bag and it's then delivered back to your classroom just before lunch.... More

Festival Food in Australia: Dagwood Dogs

In the part of Australia that I lived in for most of my life we had very few "festivals" as such. What we did have, though, was the Royal Show. Every year the Royal Show tours Australia, stopping at untold amounts of places along the way. One of, if not the, most common foods at the Royal Show was the Dagwood Dog, also known as the Pluto Pup. Essentially just a hot dog on a stick, dipped in batter then deep-fried, this is an absolute thing of beauty. More

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