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Foie-lapalooza: 5 Ways to Eat Foie Gras in Montreal

Aaron Arizpe 5 comments

In Montréal, you don't find foie gras—it finds you. Order a stuffed pig's trotter and you'll find it inside. French fries might very well have it on top. French toast and foie gras? Sure why not. Check out these five foie-centric dishes, including a take on the Double Down at Joe Beef and poutine from Au Pied du Cochon. More

Restaurant Shirts Are the New Concert Tee

Zach Brooks 32 comments

A few weeks ago, I was flying home from a food work-cation in New Orleans and Joan Jett was on my plane. I have to admit it was kind of exciting. I remember seeing Jett open for Aerosmith when I was in junior high—a pretty awesome concert from what I remember—and naturally I bought an Aerosmith shirt and wore it proudly to school the next day. It cost somewhere between $15 and $20 but was a required souvenir, mostly to ensure that everyone at Southwood Middle School knew I had seen Aerosmith and Joan Jett the night before. Walking through the halls, others were sporting the same shirt and we all felt a kinship, sometimes solidified with a nod... More

An Offal Good Book

Nathalie Jordi 3 comments

Au Pied de Cochon operates as a kind of commune, taking in artists, cooks, and the variously offbeat. In two years' worth of Mondays, while the restaurant was closed, chef Martin Picard and sidekicks put together and published a cookbook-cum-scrapbook. More

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