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Tony Boloney's Beer-Infused Pizza at the Atlantic City Beer Festival

Slice Hawk Krall 8 comments

The 2011 Atlantic City Beer Festival a few weeks ago was a jam-packed carnival of beer geeks and drunks trying to get as many two ounce glasses of Chimay and Colt 45 Blueberry Blast down their throats as possible. After sampling some awful beef jerky, a pretty good hemp soft pretzel, and watching several ladies get drenched in the Bare Exposure Bikini Dunk Tank, I was ecstatic to come across this beer infused pizza stand from Tony Baloney's, an Atlantic City pizza shop proudly serving what they call Atlantic City Inlet Style pizza - which according to the menu means "messy with cheese and toppings falling all over the crust!" More

A Sandwich a Day: Italian Sub from the White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City, NJ

A Sandwich a Day Hawk Krall 23 comments

As a fan of South Philly hoagies—the kind piled high with sharp provolone, roasted long-hots and piles of thinly shaved, imported Italian sopresetta and mortadella—I'm always cautious when I see the word "sub." But the glimmering retro neon signs outside the White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City, New Jersey, drew me in, and their Italian Sub is an awesome change of pace. More

New Jersey Dispatch: The British Connection

New York BrianYarvin 2 comments

My heart sank when I read that The British Connection—the closest thing we have to a British megastore—started stocking “gourmet foods from around the world and fine cheeses.” I knew I’d better get down there before the place becomes... More

New Jersey Dispatch: White House Subs in Atlantic City

New York BrianYarvin 4 comments

Sitting on a quiet corner in a very Queens-like residential neighborhood, the White House Sub Shop has "food landmark" written all over it. Big signs, little signs, and signs explaining that it's the one and only and not affiliated... More

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