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We Chat With Chef Matt Lightner of Atera

New York Jacqueline Raposo 2 comments

With a tasting menu chock full of reverence for produce and a love for foraging for ingredients, Atera's Chef Matt Lightner could potentially be perceived as a country mouse lost in the wilds of New York City. We chat with the acclaimed Lightner on adjusting to New York, the act of creation, and the fun he hopes to bring us with his plates. More

First Look: Cocktails at The Lounge at Atera, NYC

Drinks Maryse Chevriere 3 comments

The 12-seat, reservations-only Tribeca lounge is located just one floor below chef Matthew Lightner's acclaimed tasting menu spot. The chef and Atera team have collaborated with Brandon Duff, previously of Weather Up, to create a seasonal cocktail list starring truly unexpected flavor combinations. Join us for a peek at the drinks. More

Why Restaurant Coffee is Getting Better Right Now

Drinks Liz Clayton 4 comments

ood providers, from punks who do the highest-end artisanal donuts out of a tricked-out van to the white-tablecloth-and-napkin set, may be genius-like in preparing comestibles...and will then smack you in the throat with the worst tasting coffee imaginable. Stale urns of scorchy, low-quality coffee, or perhaps a thin and bitter espresso prepared by the bus-boy. Why, for the love of all things warm and brown, why? More

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