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Ask Paulie, Week 3

Slice The Serious Eats Team 11 comments

Welcome to week three of our 'Ask Paulie' series! Yup, Paulie's selected a few more Slicer questions to answer for this week. Today the Greenpoint pizza joint owner discusses his secret dough recipe, a final pizza hero, and a glorious Ferrari-style oven upgrade. More

Video: Ask Paulie, Week 2

Slice The Serious Eats Team 38 comments

It's week two of our 'Ask Paulie' series and Paulie has answers to some more questions we solicited from you a few weeks back. This week the proprietor and chef of Paulie Gee's Greenpoint pizza joint talks about his pizza heroes. More

Video: Ask Paulie Gee, Week 1

Slice The Serious Eats Team 19 comments

A few weeks back we asked you folks to send in your questions for Paulie Gee, proprieter and chef at Paulie Gee's Greenpoint pizza joint. The former IT-professional turned pizzaiolo is an inspirational story if we've ever heard one, and we're truly grateful that he's taken the time out to answer a few of our questions. Check out the first in our three part series in which Paulie talks about following your dreams, changing lightbulbs, and managing baking while schmoozing. More

Introducing 'Ask Paulie'

Slice Meredith Smith 18 comments

Hey, Slice'rs! We've got a special announcement for ya. We're collaborating with Paulie Gee to bring you a new series called... Ask Paulie! Now you can have your pizza questions, concerns, and curiosities addressed by an accomplished pizzaiolo and a heck of a nice guy. But don't feel like you have to limit your questions to the crusty, saucy, cheesy stuff. You can also Paulie about his life, the professional challenges he's encountered, what goes into running a restaurant—just open the floodgates of your pizza-loving mind. More

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