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Mix Every Drink From A Soda Fountain And You Get...?

My latest favorite question on Ask MetaFilter: "What do you call the drink that results from mixing a little bit of every drink in a fountain machine at a restaurant/similar establishment? If you have a specific name for it, where and when do you remember first hearing it?" Almost 150 responses so far, and the vast majority agree: it's called a Suicide. If, like me, you've always wanted a soda fountain at home, you're in luck! The pipes of the internet being as amazing as they are, someone's already set up a comprehensive guide to setting up a home soda fountain, from what things you'll need to buy to how to purchase regular supplies of syrup! If you'd just... More

Grilling Tips

Friend of Serious Eats Matt Haughey, who happens to be Grand Poobah of the community weblog MetaFilter, bought a new grill for his backyard recently and asked his loyal followers for tips on learning how to use it. There are lots of recommendations of books to buy in the thread, many of which don't just have chapters on grilling but are all about it, but the best thing is that people are also sharing both their favorite recipes and their best tips. Here's a bit from my favorite response, from Mr Gunn: One method taught to many people when they're just starting out is to hold your hand out flat, palm down, fingers and thumb parallel. Feel the firmness... More

Why Milk Delivery Went Away

From Ask MetaFilter: Why is there no more milk delivery in the US? It used to be common, now it's extremely rare. Why is that? The short(ish) answer: First, larger dairies meant cheaper milk, making it harder for milkmen to make a living, especially since they had to wash and reuse the glass bottles. Second, the advent of both supermarkets and cars meant housewives could buy supplies on their own schedules. Perfectly valid reasons, but man, plastic jugs and cartons are so dull. (Ronnybrook Dairy's milk is fatty and delicious, but I will cop to buying it at least partly because it comes in glass bottles.)... More

Tips For The Culinary Camper

ClanVidHorse on Ask Metafilter: "Every time I go camping I end up eating lots of convenience food (instant noodles and the like) that I never would normally consider eating at home but with Spring coming around again I am determined that this year I eat as well as possible whilst enjoying the outdoors. I want recipes that use minimal amounts of fresh ingredients whilst still being tasty and enjoyable to eat." Lots of great tips and easy recipes you can use even if you're at home being lazy!... More

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