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Cook the Book: Chile-Garlic Egg Noodles

There's a reason that dishes like Jean-Georges Vongerichten's chile-garlic egg noodles are popular throughout Asia—they taste awesome. Or more specifically as Vongerichten says in his recipe head note, "The combination of full, robust flavors makes this dish deeply satisfying." It's... More

Cook the Book: Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges

In a culinary world filled with people cooking "con-fusion" food it's good to be reminded how good fusion cooking can be in the right chef's hands. Jean-Georges Vongerichten is not only the seminal Asian-French fusion chef, he is also inarguably the best. Exhibit A for this thesis is this week's Cook the Book tome, Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges. Included in the book are 175 recipes, including some of Jean-George's signature dishes from Vong and Spice Market. Thanks to the good folks at Broadway Books we're giving away five (5) copies of Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges. Just tell us what your favorite Asian noodle or rice dish is. Winners will be chosen at random from among the comments. You have until... More

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