'Artichoke Basille' on Serious Eats

The Artichoke Basille Duo Talks New TV Show, 'Pizza Cuz'

Artichoke co-owners (and cousins) Francis Garcia and Sal Basille are embarking on a new joint venture. You'll be able to catch the duo tonight on their brand new Cooking Channel show, Pizza Cuz. The premise? Two men, six episodes, and one epic journey to sample some of the best slices this country has to offer. We took some time to chat with them about the show before tonight's premiere. More

New York's Artichoke Basille Pizza: Why The Controversy?

At Slice we're not ones to throw around judgement without due diligence and back up, so In the interest of TRUTH (and a opinion), I decided to revisit Artichoke to re-assess their entire pizza menu, top to bottom. In the interest of thoroughness, I visited multiple times—at 11AM when the first round pies are coming straight out of the oven, at noon when the first square pies emerge, and again in the mid-afternoon when a re-heat is necessary on your slices. More

Is Artichoke The Shake Shack of New York Pizza?

[Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Ben Leventhal, co-founder of Eater just published a no-holds-barred smackdown of Artichoke Basille's $5-a-slice pizza over on his blog. To quote: Let's together agree on what Artichoke is. It's like Shake Shack, really, if instead of perfect burgers, Shake Shack's headline offering was huge piles of melted butter and cream on tasteless crackers. Then: Indeed, Artichoke is Shake Shack insomuch people are willing to wait on massive lines for three to five minutes of gustatory bliss. Although -- sorry one more point of comparison -- at Shake Shack there is a payoff and at Artichoke the... More

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