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Video: 'Nightline' Highlights Skinny Chefs

Adam Kuban 8 comments

Chef Nate Appleman, before and after weight loss. Last night's Nightline, ran a segment on chefs who have lost weight recently, namely Art Smith and Nate Appleman. Video, after the jump.... More

Art Smith's Fried Chicken

Serious Eats Erin Zimmer Post a comment

Photo of the Day: Art Smith, Chris Lilly, and Ted Lee Tweeting

Erin Zimmer 1 comment

From left: Art Smith, Chris Lilly, Ted Lee. [Photograph: Erin Zimmer] As the New York City Wine & Food Festival's "Down South Up North" dinner wrapped up last night, three of the featured hosts circled up to tweet about the Southern food-filled evening. It all started when Ted Lee (@TheLeeBros) snapped a Twitpic of his chili crab on the menu. (His brother Matt, the other half of the Lee Bros. duo, was somewhere nearby feasting on the crustacean.) Chef Art Smith (@chefartsmith) jumped in to type: "The Chefs and Twitter!!xooxArt." And barbecue pitmaster Chris Lilly of Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q in Alabama just played along. He doesn't actually have a Twitter account.... More

On 'Nightline' Tonight: Art Smith, 'Oprah's Fave Chef'

Adam Kuban 3 comments

Barring any breaking news or a random change in programming, chef Art Smith will appear on Nightline's "Platelist" series tonight. Smith once served as Oprah's personal chef and has recently appeared on Top Chef Masters. ABC, 11:35 p.m. ET.... More

'Top Chef Masters,' Ep. 6: Trick in a Box

Carey Jones 13 comments

"An episode of brotherly love." Top Chef Masters soldiers on. Tonight's competition marked the last of six four-way faceoffs, each qualifying a chef for the Champions Round. Next week, we'll see these six chefs go head-to-head—but this Wednesday, there was still one more slot to fill. The Contestants (above, from left) Roy Yamaguchi: Roy’s; Imua Family Services Jonathan Waxman: Barbuto; Meals on Wheels Art Smith: Table Fifty-Two, Art and Soul; Common Threads Michael Cimarusti: Providence; Grameen Foundation Quickfire Challenge: Another blast from Top Chef past—the Aisle Trial. Chefs were each assigned a single aisle at Whole Foods, and could use only ingredients found in that aisle (and purchased with just $20) in their Quickfire dish. The judges? Whole Foods employees.... More

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