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Battle Your Hangover with Pizza from RedRocks in Washington DC

Drinks Justin Cohen 1 comment

If you're anywhere near RedRocks' four DC-area locations, you can feel comfortable taking that extra shot of Fireball at 2 a.m. knowing that this pizza awaits you in the morning. More

Bartender's Choice: Todd Thrasher On What to Order at TNT Bar, Arlington VA

Drinks Brian Oh 1 comment

Todd Thrasher's TNT Bar in Arlington takes a bombastic approach—the menu is comprised of cocktails inspired by classic rock songs and a "Road Trip" section of drinks borrowed from Thrasher's friends across the country. More

First Look: Epic Smokehouse in Arlington, VA

Brian Oh 6 comments

Epic Smokehouse is an Apple store-esque man cave. Since opening in early October, owners Joon Yang and Wayne Halleran are hoping to "take the backyard BBQ to the next level." Check out photos of the dishes, including pancetta macaroni and cheese, Pig Rolls, and the single largest piece of bacon I've ever seen. More

Sugar Rush: Beignets at Bayou Bakery, D.C

Sweets Brian Oh 1 comment

Bayou Bakery is a New Orleans style cafe in Arlington that specializes in coffee, breakfast biscuits, and, most importantly, beignets. More

Pupatella Brings the Montanara Craze to the DC Area

Slice Brian Oh 5 comments

For a long time, owner Enzo Algarme has been doing most of the heavy lifting at Pupatella. Although he's had the montanara in the back of his mind since his food truck days, having grown up eating it on the streets of Naples as a child, he didn't want to stretch himself too thin, lest the quality of his other pies suffer. When he was able to bring on some more employees earlier this year, he seized that opportunity to start offering the montanara on a limited basis. If you're as happy as I am that D.C. is keeping up with New York's pizza scene in even the remotest aspect, it is your solemn duty to make it out to Pupatella and demand the montanara as frequently as possible. More

Arlington, Virginia: Respectable Pizza at Liberty Tavern

Slice Dave Konstantin 1 comment

The street-level bar at The Liberty Tavern in Clarendon is one of the hottest nightspots for young professionals in the DC suburbs. The burgers and bar menu are well-regarded, and its reputation as a serious restaurant is firmly established. What many people don't realize is that there's a gas-fired Earthstone oven upstairs turning out some decent pizza. More

Arlington, Virginia: Still Cooking with Gas at Faccia Luna

Slice Dave Konstantin 9 comments

With wood-fired pizzerias sprouting up all over the Washington area, it's easy to forget about the New York-style, deck-oven pizza that dominated the scene until very recently. Five years ago, most people here thought Neapolitan was a type of ice cream. Faccia Luna in Arlington has been a standby for nearly two decades, and still serves a very satisfying pie. More

Expectations Fizzle at Arlington, Virginia's Fire Works

Slice Dave Konstantin 10 comments

I had high hopes for the recently opened Arlington outpost of Fire Works American Pizzeria. Owned and operated by Tuskies Dining Group, known for the excellent Tuscarora Mill in Leesburg, Virginia and other respected venues, by all rights it should be terrific. In another town, the pizzas at Fire Works might be considered decent. But in Washington today, they don't even begin to compete. More

Pupatella, Arlington VA: From Humble Food Cart to Storefront Sensation

Slice Dave Konstantin 6 comments

Pupatella, Enzo Algarme and Anastasiya Laufenberg's wildly popular new restaurant in Arlington, Virginia, sets a new standard for affordable eating in the DC area. Just six miles west of the White House, this Neapolitan-style pizzeria turns out ethereal pies at earthbound prices. More

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