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The Asado Burger: All the Flavors of the Argentine Grill, on Bread

I've never been to a proper asado, the legendary grilling feast of the mountains of South America, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy those flavors at home. It doesn't even mean I can't squeeze those flavors between two pieces of bread and transform them into a miraculous cheeseburger. Because I can, and I have. And it's enough to make a gaucho sweat with anticipation. More

Kids Welcome: La Fusta

Anyone seeking a South American grill experience or to revive the memories of a trip to the Rio de la Plata should go to La Fusta, the cheerful and well-priced Argentine restaurant in Elmhurst, Queens (with a second location in North Bergen, NJ). La Fusta ("the whip") is decorated in an equine motif, a reference to the country's love for horses. On a recent Saturday night visit, the clientele ranged from large to small families, from old to young couples. We were all greeted by a maitre d' full of cheer, and tended to by attentive, muy simpatico waiters. More

Cook the Book: 'Seven Fires'

Francis Mallmann is South America's most famous chef. He's a TV star and owner of several restaurants in Argentina and Uruguay. Mallmann was classically trained in French cuisine and opened his first restaurant, at 19, in the upscale beach resort of Punta del Este, Uruguay. Mallmann was so successful that he could afford to shut down the restaurant in the off season and travel to Europe to train with Michelin-starred chefs. After 20 years of South American–inspired nouvelle cuisine, Mallmann "tired of making French food for wealthy Argentines." He ditched the stocks and sauces and returned to his roots. Mallmann embraced the cooking techniques that he grew up with, wood fires and cast iron pots. These basic tools paired with... More

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