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Bold Flavors, Great Bread All Wrapped Up in Boston's A4 Truck

Hub Grub Liz Bomze Post a comment

The bread of A4's piadina, modeled on the restaurant's beloved pizza dough, is smooth, fine-crumbed, and sturdy enough to hold the warm, juicy, potentially messy fillings—in this case, the Kafta, a slab of Lebanese-spiced beef and pork sausage with roasted red peppers, tangy yogurt sauce, and both lettuce and cilantro. More

Cambridge, MA: Area Four Café for a Great Breakfast Sandwich and Baked Goods

Andrew Janjigian Post a comment

Though it sounds more like a destination for flying saucers than one for earthlings in search of a good meal, Area Four is in fact a new restaurant in Kendall Square, just a stone's throw from the MIT campus. (The odd moniker refers to the city-designated zoning section in which it resides.) You can trust whatever comes out of pastry chef Katie Kimble's oven here, but there are two items you definitely don't want to miss: the breakfast sandwich and the craquelin. More

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