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In Videos: Mac vs. PC in Apple Computer Pizza Box Ad

"Come eat me. I'm a delicious pizza." I'm not the first to point out that the Apple vs. PC ads are annoying. John Hodgman as the personification of "PC" is much more likable than Justin Long as "Mac." But even though these ads unintentionally make me a PC fan, they're usually pretty fun. In the latest Apple commercial, PC hides in a pizza box, as it's the only way he figures college students will choose him. Watch the video, after the jump.... More

Eats for Philly iPhone Line-Waiters

In anticipation of Philly-area geeks showing some brotherly love by camping out for the new iPhone 3G, we asked our Philadelphia correspondent Joy Manning for some restaurant recommendations near the King of Prussia Apple Store. View Larger Map Most Philadelphians stock up on Apple tech toys at the enormous King of Prussia mall since there's no store downtown. Healthy food is scarce here, like at any food court, but Legal Sea Foods offers a take-out stand with clam chowder available in a still-flavorful “lite” version. Not concerned about staying fit for your wait? Get the lobster roll—the tastiest sandwich at the mall. 690 West Dekalb Pike, King of Prussia PA 19406 (map) Sweet freaks know Rita’s Water Ice is the... More

Eats for D.C. iPhone Line-Waiters

In anticipation of D.C.-area geeks going gaga over the new iPhone 3G by camping out before it comes out tomorrow at 8 a.m., our own Erin Zimmer gives her picks near the Arlington, Virginia, Apple Store. View Larger Map Last year, there was talk of an Apple store opening in Georgetown but since that never happened and Washington, D.C. proper still doesn't have a store, a close alternative is in Arlington, Virginia. El Pollo Rico: For juicy rotisserie chicken head to El Pollo Rico. The half chicken is a worthy investment—easy to nibble in line and worth a couple meals. The fries aren't anything special here but get a face-lift when dunked in the spicy green sauce. Disclaimer: El Pollo... More

Eats for Chicago iPhone Line-Waiters

We figure there will be some hardcore Apple faithful in Chicago ready to line up outside the Apple Store on Friday morning to get their hands on a new iPhone 3G as soon as it's out. We asked Michael Nagant, our Windy City contributor and the editor of Hungry Magazine, for some of his top choices near the Apple Store here. View Larger Map Wow Bao: Like a shiny new iPod, steamed Asian-style yeast buns here offer the ultimate functionality. Portable and stuffed with goodies like spicy kung pao chicken and barbecue pork, they'll fuel you for hours of intense line-waiting. The whole-wheat version filled with edamame will probably keep you most spry. Fight the heat and wash down the... More

Eats for San Francisco iPhone Line-Waiters

With Apple HQ in nearby Cupertino, there's got to be a lot of iPhone freaks in San Francisco willing to stand in line to grab a 3G handset the minute it's released on Friday morning. In anticipation, we asked our SF correspondents Jennifer Maiser and Harold Check for their picks. Apple Store, Stockton Street View Larger Map 'wichcraft: Tom Colicchio's great sandwich options, like the fried egg one available all day, can be found at the Mission Street entrance of the Westfield Mall. 868 Mission Street, San Francisco CA 94103 (map) [JM] Medicine Eatstation: About a five-minute walk from the Apple store with satisfying bento boxes to keep you energized. 161 Sutter Street, San Francisco CA 94104 (map) [JM] Bristol... More

Eats for L.A. iPhone Line-Waiters

We figured there'd be some Angelenos eager enough to get their hands on an iPhone 3G when it comes out tomorrow morning that they'd be waiting in line in front of the Apple Store to do so. We asked L.A. contributor Leah Greenstein for a rundown on serious eats near three Apple Stores here. Apple Store, The Grove View Larger Map The Original Farmers' Market: If waiting for your iPhone 3G at the Grove's Apple Store is starting to feel a bit like waiting for Godot, head on over here to refuel. Besides farm stands, where you can grab a piece of fruit, you can also grab tasty tacos from ¡Loteria! or a savory crepe from The French Crepe Company... More

Eats for NYC iPhone Line-Waiters

There are already geeks waiting in line to get the iPhone 3G in Manhattan. Here, Serious Eats mastermouth Ed Levine checks in with his picks for serious eats near the three locations in the Big, er, Apple. Apple Store, Fifth... More

Using a MacBook Air as Knife: What Can't This Thing Do?

Or, 'The Greatest Thing to Slice Bread' What can't this thing do, indeed—besides handle DVDs or CDs or support two USB devices, that is. But I digress. Some folks in Germany have found that Apple's MacBook Air can slice through flesh and, more in tune with our sensibilities here at Serious Eats, can handle your bread-slicing needs [Google Translation]. I suppose it would come in handy if you're working at a cafe and are in a bind for a knife. I doubt this would void the warranty, but I certainly wouldn't use the machine to slather on butter. [via Boing Boing Gadgets]... More

Hey, Mac: Happy Birthday

Today is the Apple Macintosh's twentieth anniversary. Though we take some flak from our PC-using friends, we're all Apple diehards here at Slice. My first machine was an Apple IIC, followed years later by a Mac Performa 6220CD, then a second-generation iMac, a second-generation iBook, and finally the dandy little machine that helps us produce the bulk of Slice, the latest iBook model. E-Rock, coming from a newspaper background, has long used Macs, too. Ditto for Seltzerboy. Slice would be nothing without these friendly, easy-to-use computers. Check out this San Jose Mercury News story about the the first Macintosh. Watch... More

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