'Anoop Desai' on Serious Eats

American Idol Anoop Desai's 60-Page College Honor's Thesis on Barbecue

I'm not really watching American Idol this season because the last thing I need is another umpteen hours of television a week, but if I were watching, I'd be pulling for Anoop Desai. I mean, how can you not love a contestant who wrote a 60-page college honors thesis about barbecue? Sixty pages! Wow. Desai wrote the paper as an undergrad at the University of North Carolina, a state that knows a thing or two about 'cue. The table of contents is listed below, but you can download and read the whole thing from anoopdog.com [pdf]. Desai is now a grad student at UNC, but this University of Kansas grad and KC barbecue partisan won't hold that against him. Table... More

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