'Announcements' on Serious Eats

Save Your Recipes With Our New Recipe Box Feature!

We've teamed up with the folks at ZipList, one of the best recipe sites around, to integrate a fully functional recipe box feature. You may have noticed the "Save Recipe" button on recipe pages today. Once you're logged into your Serious Eats account, all you've got to to is click on that button, and the recipe will be automatically saved to your recipe box. More

Seeking New Contributors. Must Love Pizza.

Are you a great writer and photographer who is infinitely passionate about pizza? Good news! We are looking to grow our contributor base for Slice and are currently accepting applications. These positions are commitments to ongoing assignments that pay per post. Please read the following guidelines carefully before responding. More

Check Out Our New Look on Monday!

Hey Serious Eaters! Just a quick announcement to let you know that as the SE family continues to grow and expand, bringing deliciousness across the country and around the world, our site will be changing a bit in order to support all the new intel and great material we have coming our way. Beginning Monday, you'll notice a new look to the main page. More

Check Out the New Serious Eats Mobile Site

Hey all you smart phoners, pull out your nifty gadgets and check out our newly launched mobile site! All of our content is now viewable on your phones, including the tastyness from AHT, Slice, and SENY. You'll find all the coverage you know and love, and can even post comments and start new threads directly on Talk. Thumb around on there and let us know what you think! More

Seeking Slice Intern, NYC

Do you live in NYC? Do you love pizza? Slice is seeking a dependable intern with great researching and interview skills. We're looking for someone to join us three days a week for a research and writing project (and a fair amount of pizza eating). You'll participate in taste tests with us at the Serious Eats office in Chelsea, help us find the best pizza in the country (and the best slice in NYC), and have your work read by millions of people nationwide. You must be comfortable with computers (a little knowledge of HTML is helpful) and be able... More

Seeking a Few Great Contributors

[Photograph: Robyn Lee] We are considering applications for a few contributor positions at Slice. These are ongoing assignments that pay per post. We look forward to hearing from you soon! What We're Looking For First and foremost: a passion for pizza in all its forms Strong writing skills Ability to generate your own column ideas Ability to check your own work for typos and clarity The bandwidth and commitment to file a weekly (or monthly, if specified) dispatch on time. Blog-savviness Great photo skills, a camera that functions well even in low light Photo editing skills (resizing, file optimization,... More

Serious Eats Recipes: New and Improved!

Good news, Serious Eaters! Serious Eats Recipes is all new from the ground up, thanks to all of your great suggestions. It's now easier to browse, search, and share recipes whether you're a regular reader or visiting Serious Eats for the first time. Here are some of the highlights. More

Some Changes at 'Slice'

It's not really news that Neapolitan-style pizza has become huge in the U.S. What is news is that the Naples Tourism Bureau will be sponsoring/underwriting Serious Eat's pizza blog, Slice, for the next six months. What does that mean? Basically, all posts on Slice after this one will deal 100 percent with Neapolitan pizza—where to eat it, how to make it, etc. And also that all posts after this one will be written in Italian. More

Seriously Seeking Sales and Marketing Interns

We're looking for enthusiastic, whip-smart interns to assist us in all facets of the sales and marketing side of our operation. Internship responsibilities may include but are not limited to developing and maintaining sales materials, participating in client proposal brainstorms, and assisting in the implementation of various campaigns. This is an unpaid position, but occasional perks and college credit are available. Timing and hours are flexible. The position is based out of our Manhattan (Chelsea) office. Interested? Send an email to intern@seriouseats.com with a brief description of yourself and your interest in the internship. No attachments, please. More

IACP Announces Cookbook Award Finalists

The International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) just announced their annual Cookbook Awards finalists. Lots of great books in all 16 categories, including this week's Cook the Book My New Orleans by John Besh, as well as Real Cajun by Donald Link, Ad Hoc at Home by Thomas Keller, Mad Hungry by Lucinda Scala Quinn, and many others. Congratulations to all of the nominees. The winners will be announced in April. More

Comment Notification is Back!

Comment notification is back! Now, every time you leave a comment on a blog post, talk topic, or Photograzing submission, you'll receive an email notifying you of any new comments on that thread. If you'd like to turn of comment notification for any reason, follow the link in the top right login box to "edit my account." From the edit your account page, scroll down to the "comment response notification" section and select "no" and save changes. More detailed instructions are available here.... More

October 13, 2009: Slice's Six-Year Anniversary

A birthday pizza from New York Pizza Suprema. [Photograph: Adam Kuban] Hola, everybody. It's me, Slice Dude. Well, guess what? This blog is six years old today! Yup, that's right. On this day in 2003, at 12:36 p.m., Slice made its crusty, saucy, cheesy debut. As far as mascottin' round these here parts, I wasn't even a ball of dough then! But Adam's been at this the whole time. And I think all this pizza-blogging has made him a little crazy. I mean, look, he made me wear this stupid hat, then he spanked me six times (what's that... More

New Feature: Comment Notification

Thanks to all our dust making earlier today, all the community features have been turned back on, plus we're pleased to announce a new feature: comment notification! Now, every time you leave a comment on a blog post, talk topic, or Photograzing submission, you'll receive an email notifying you of any new comments on that thread. You'll also be notified of any comments on Talk topics you create or published Photograzing submissions. Handy! Comment notification is a profile level feature, and by default you'll begin receiving comment notification emails immediately. If you regularly comment on high comment count threads like our weekly Cook the Book giveaways, you may want to disable this feature or create a new email filter in... More

Pardon our Dust While We Upgrade

We're making some upgrades behind the scenes today that'll allow us to bring some new, cool features to the site that we think you'll like. Beginning this morning at 8:00 a.m. ET, all community features will be disabled (commenting, favoriting, and new submissions to Talk and Photograzing). We expect the upgrade to take approximately 4 hours and as soon as it is complete, community features will be restored. Thanks for your patience!... More

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