'Annie's' on Serious Eats

Frozen Pizza: Annie's Rising Crust Organic Supreme

There's a lot of value to be found in ordering high-end versions of typically humble restaurant foods, and I suppose it's possible that the same rule could apply in the grocery store. Actually, I know it works in the condiment aisle, where the $4 mustard is leagues better than its half-price shelfmates. Why can't Annie's Rising Crust Organic Supreme Pizza be worth the ... wait? What? $10.99 for frozen pizza?* All right, let's investigate. More

You Can't Compare Low-Fat to Full-Fat And Expect People Not to Notice

Rebecca Blood discusses the Annie's Homegrown CEO's comments in response to Megnut's post on the recent Annie's vs Kraft debacle in Salon: "Sure, John Foraker's statement is accurate. But it's deliberately misleading, comparing a low-fat version of his product to a full-fat version of his competitor's. Falling back on "recommended preparations" doesn't cut it. His statement is designed to give the impression that, all things being equal, Annie's macaroni and cheese is noteably lower in calories, fat, and sodium than Kraft's."... More

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