'Anne Burrell' on Serious Eats

Anne Burrell Dishes on 'Worst Cooks in America'

"We don't know about a second season yet but we are cautiously optimistic." [Photograph: Food Network] Tonight, two former kitchen disasters will go head-to-head in the Worst Cooks in America finale (10 p.m. ET on Food Network). Anne Burrell, a Food Network fixture and chef-coach of the culinary boot camp's Red Team, recently chatted about her experience on Worst Cooks with a small roundtable of bloggers (so if you catch portions of this Q&A on other sites, that's why!) Read on for her thoughts on teaching extreme novices to cook, breaking into TV, and returning to the restaurant kitchen. What's the biggest challenge of working with true novices? They get in their own heads and psych themselves out. They get... More

Not at This Address: 'Highly Objectionable to Grandmothers'

Serious Eats cannot (nor would want to) get rid of Anne Burrell. [Photograph: Food Network] From time to time we get email from people who think that Serious Eats is the Food Network. This is such a time: You really need to get rid of Anne Burrell. Some of her language is offensive and on the show worst cooks, she said one of the chef's marinade smelled like your grandmother's underpants. I find that remark highly objectionable to all grandmothers and it just goes to show how crude this broad really is.Thanbk you, [name redacted] See also: I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! We Didn't Do Anything to It! »... More

Meet & Eat: Anne Burrell

If you watch Iron Chef America, you'll recognize Anne Burrell. She the spiky blond-hair sous chef who assists Mario Batali as he battles challengers. Well, Burrell's going to be stepping out of the background and into the limelight this Sunday... More

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