'Andrew Zimmern' on Serious Eats

Andrew Zimmern Uncovers Arizona's Most Bizarre Eats

On this week's episode of Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern headed to Arizona to explore some of the state's most unconventional eats. From fresh sheep's eyeballs with a Navajo family to fried bacon with gravy at the state fair, Arizona's options for unique culinary experiences are as vast as its landscapes. Let's take a look at the more unusual things Andrew feasted on in Arizona in a little segment we call What's Andrew Eating? [WARNING: Thar be (appetite) spoilers ahead.] More

Bizarre Foods: Andrew Zimmern's Culinary Journey Through Mongolia

From dump trucks filled with animal carcasses outside the capital city of Ulaanbaatar to intestine-wrapped goat organs in the Gobi desert, Andrew Zimmern's trip to Mongolia was filled with sights that made me squirm in my seat (and seriously consider vegetarianism!). Let's take a look at the more unusual things Andrew ate on this week's episode of Bizarre Foods in a little segment we'll call...Warning: Some readers may find the following images and text upsetting or disturbing, so please proceed at your own risk. More

'Village Voice' Blogger Has No Love for 'Bizarre Foods'

From Seven Reasons Why I Hate Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern: "Zimmern often visits poor countries, where people don't always have enough to eat. He visits people in their homes, eats their hard-won, homemade food, and explains to them that their food is bizarre, all the while making faces to indicate just how grossed out he is. It really makes you appreciate Anthony Bourdain, who, in similar situations, is unfailingly polite."... More

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