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America's Regional Candy

Like sports teams and hot dog styles, candy inspires fervent regional loyalties. Thanks to the Great Depression, the candy industry was booming during the early 1900s, when a nickel was all people could afford for a high-energy snack or meal. It's kind of scary—maybe exciting for the sake of candy—to think we've come full circle, but regardless, economic crisis or not, we'll never stop loving the candies from home. More

Joel Stein on the Globalization of American Fast Food

Time has given Joel Stein a new food column, and his first piece for the magazine is The Hungry American: "After its first lap, globalization gets really interesting. The stuff you invented—in this culinary case, fast-food hamburgers, fried chicken, pizza and doughnuts—gets sent out into the world, is replicated by other countries and then comes back to you all crazied up, like a giant game of telephone. And if you hold that piece of Filipino fried chicken up to your ear and are really quiet, you can hear what the rest of the world thinks about us."... More

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