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How Our Favorite Chefs Keep Their Staff Motivated

With front of the house servers and back of the house cooks, effectively managing restaurant staff can be a difficult juggling act, even at the best of times. Yet in the hospitality business, the happiness and satisfaction of your employees translates directly into the satisfaction of your customers, and eventually the bottom line. We recently talked with some of our favorite chefs from around the country known for their great hospitality and came up with a list of essential tips for all restaurant chefs and managers. More

Ohio Farmer Lee Jones, Cultivating Commerce

A snapshot captures Farmer Lee Jones riding on a tractor with his parents in the first week of his life, and he's been farming ever since. Today Jones, in his signature red bow tie and overalls, leads a team of 133 employees at The Chef's Garden to supply the country's best restaurants with high-quality, beautiful vegetables. More

Ed Levine Profiles Pennsylvania Farmer Glenn Brendle

From Ed Levine's profile of Pennsylvania farmer Glenn Brendle on AmEx's OPEN Forum website: "In the late 1970s, Glenn Brendle started gardening as a hobby. He had an Amish neighbor in Lancaster County who was a farmer. The Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia was just reawakening as a food hub, and Glenn took his neighbor to the market to sell his produce. Chefs loved the products, but they were unable to schlep large quantities from market to restaurant. Cue Glenn's lightbulb moment. He started to deliver to three restaurants and then grew from there. Now he grows his own harvest: beets, carrots, kale, magness pears, leeks, heirloom tomatoes, and much more, and delivers to nearly 80 restaurants...." More

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