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Boston: Baingan Bhartha at Punjab Palace

My love for eggplant started later in life (like, two years ago), but I've been addicted to it ever since. It's the spongy fruit's transformative quality that impresses me most; when exposed to enough heat over a long enough period of time, even the densest, thickest specimen will collapse into a plush, silky mass that readily soaks up just about any flavor you throw at it. More

400 Bottles of Beer on the Wall at Boston’s Sunset Grill & Tap

Editor's note: Turning our attention from D.C., for a bit, let's go to another of the country's historic cities, Boston. Sunset Grill & Tap looks like an ideal place to celebrate this historic day, doncha think? Bonus: Free midnight buffet on Tuesday nights (and on Sundays and Mondays)! There are those who enjoy a cold beer at happy hour, but don’t know a lager from a lambic. And then there are those who appreciate the flavor and subtlety of beer the way wine snobs do their vino—who love the hoppy tang of an IPA, or a toasty, full-bodied Guinness, or a lively, crisp Saison. But both kinds of beer-lovers can find common ground at Sunset Grill & Tap. Just west... More

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