'All-Star Sandwich Bar' on Serious Eats

All-Star Sandwich Bar in Cambridge, Mass.

"The bread is basically just a barrier between your hands and the massive pile of meat you’re devouring." The "Beef on Weck" at All-Star Sandwich Bar When top-notch chefs take on low-brow projects, the results can be hit or miss. Anyone respected for his work in the kitchen should be able to work magic with simpler culinary forms. But too often, those accustomed to higher-end fare might have a hard time learning the language of the pizza, say, or the hot dog, or the burger—turning out over-thought, overpriced dishes that lose the spirit of the original. What's important is the match between creator and concept. And in that respect, the All-Star Sandwich Bar, on Inman Square in Cambridge, succeeds wildly.... More

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