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Forget Iowa, Heaven Is the All Candy Expo in Chicago

It would be difficult to overstate the joy I got from attending the All Candy Expo, the annual meeting/celebration put on in Chicago by the National Confectioners Association. The two-and-a-half-day spectacle gives candy companies a chance to introduce new products and tap into new markets; retailers a chance to discover products they have not sold before; distributors a chance to find new clients; and, most important, everyone a chance to try more different kinds of candy in three days than most people do in their lives. There were so many great things to try at the Candy Expo, and I feel the need to share a lot of it with the Serious Eats community. As a result, this is... More

Trickle-Down Chocolate Trends

One of the fascinating things about the candy industry is that it's rather like fashion. The are the couture confectioners and the mass marketers. The coutures start the trends, create the flavor combinations, and drive the interest in the market by being daring, and, of course, the huge factories take what's up-and-coming and turn out the lowest-common-denominator versions. The difference, however, is that although people may be interested in trying new things, for the most part they eat the same thing they've eaten since childhood, the same things their grandparents may have eaten. If you look at the top ten candy bars, every one of them has been around for 40 years or more. I sat in on a session... More

All Candy Expo: A Few New Products

All Candy Expo in Chicago features 480 different candy companies and more than 6,000 products. Will our tried and true favorites continue to be produced? Will new products be able to cut through the sticky and cluttered store shelves? More

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