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Giant Produce at the Alaska State Fair

Even if you've seen giant watermelon and pumpkins and such at other fairs, nothing compares to this. The Alaska State Fair this year had pumpkins as large as 786 pounds (!). One of the cabbages weighed in at 86 pounds. There were giant zucchinis, paddy pans, and root vegetables of all sorts, along with giant flowers the size of basketballs. More

Alaska State Fair Cabbage Tops Guinness World Record

[Photograph: Dean Phipps] There are cabbages and then there are 125.9-pound CABBAGES. Every year the Alaska State Fair holds a giant cabbage weigh-off where people battle for vegetable-growing prowess. This year, reports the Anchorage Daily News, Wasilla resident Steve Hubacek won for his green monster (the leaves span five feet!) beating the previous cabbage world record set in the UK in 1989 for 124 pounds. Related Giant Cabbage Weigh-Off at Alaska State Fair, 2008 Duchess Camilla Gets a Big Cabbage for Her Birthday Copious Cabbage [Talk]... More

Giant Cabbage Weigh-Off at Alaska State Fair

Don't you wish this was you? One thing Alaska governor turned John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin might consider in her campaign strategy: showing off her state fair's cabbage entries. She was actually supposed to make a cameo at the Alaska State Fair's 11th Annual Giant Cabbage Weigh-off this afternoon, but apparently she's too busy. Making speeches in Dayton, Ohio. Go figure. All week, giant cabbage growers have been sweating—so many things could go wrong! Slug invasion, heavy rains, hailstorms, soil maggots, and most realistically, a dining experience for rabbits and porcupines. Even yanking the beast from the ground is a concern. There is a science to unearthing veggies! Three years ago, Scott Robb woke up to find his... More

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