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Decadent Desserts at Louis XV in Monaco

Sweets Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

If you happen to visit the south of France in the summer, a detour to Monaco is a must. Not for the high rolling casinos of Monte Carlo where they filmed all those James Bond movies, or even to ogle the parade of stunning cars circling Place du Casino (though those are both justifiable reasons), but to eat. Specifically to eat dessert at Louis XV-Alain Ducasse in the Hotel de Paris. More

We Chat With: Chef Alain Ducasse of Adour and Benoit

New York Jacqueline Raposo Post a comment

Chef Ducasse travels over 200 days of the year, keeping an eye on his restaurants and schools and attending more culinary events than one would believe existed. We got in a quick chat and a few snaps of the celebrated chef while he popped into town to check on Adour and Benoit. More

'Ducasse Made Simple': Uneven Execution

Tam Ngo 2 comments

From left: Sophie Dudemaine, Sirio Maccioni, Gwenaelle Ducasse, and Alain Ducasse. Photograph by Sara Jaye Weiss On Monday night, Serious Eats attended the launch party for Sophie Dudemaine's latest cookbook, Ducasse Made Simple. Dudemaine could best be described as the French equivalent of Rachael Ray. Bubbly and beloved, she is a French television personality and the unusually prolific author of 17 cookbooks. With each cookbook, she attempts to render the complicated into 45-minute recipes for fledgling home cooks. When asked why, of all French chefs, she chose to write an Alain Ducasse cookbook, she replied, "I listen to my viewers. I give them what they want." Asked what the 100 recipes chosen from Ducasse's Grand Livre de Cuisine had... More

D.C. Critic Live Twitters Alain Ducasse’s New Restaurant

Erin Zimmer 1 comment

Washingtonian restaurant critic Todd Kliman went into Twitter overdrive earlier this week, live-reviewing Alain Ducasse's new restaurant Adour, located inside the D.C. St. Regis. Kliman tweets over 2,000 words, including: "Weird: the music's BETTER in the men's room."... More

Bruni's Adour Review Reveals Essential Truth about Alain Ducasse

New York Ed Levine Post a comment

I haven't yet been to the new Ducasse restaurant Adour, but I still found Frank Bruni's review today in the New York Times to be insightful in the following way: he says that the best dishes at Adour are about... More

Does the World Need More Fancy-Pants French Restaurants?

New York Ed Levine 14 comments

New York magazine devoted umpteen thousand words this week to superchef Alain Ducasse's two new attempts to open a successful restaurant in New York City. One, Adour at the St. Regis Hotel, is obviously going to be Ducasse's attempt to... More

Alain Ducasse Interview

Alaina Browne Post a comment

I'm happy to learn that Alain Ducasse and I have something in common (besides the first five letters of our names)—we both like Chicken McNuggets. Read more about the 15-Michelin-star chef in his recent Financial Times interview.... More

Alain Ducasse In The Windy City?

Lia Bulaong Post a comment

Chicago to get Joel Robuchon by the end of next year, maybe Alain Ducasse too? Ducasse currently runs ten restaurants (not counting his place in NYC, which is closed but reopening this spring) so it's not like he'd be moving to Chicago to work the kitchen, but this is still a pretty exciting rumor—Ducasse is the only chef in the world to have three restaurants with three Michelin stars each. [via Grub Street]... More

One Reason To Stay On Earth

Nathalie Jordi Post a comment

Space station food.... Although Alain Ducasse is trying to remedy the situation.... As South African blogger Kitsch 'n' Zinc remarks, "they say that the restaurant on the space station has great food now, incredible views but still no atmosphere."... More

Chutzpah, Truffles, and Alain Ducasse

Adam Roberts 1 comment

Continue reading... About the author: Adam Roberts is The Amateur Gourmet. His book, The Amateur Gourmet, will be published by Bantam/Dell in summer 2007.... More

Michelin madness

New York Ed Levine Post a comment

I went to the ridiculous party Michelin threw for its new New York Red Guide to hotels and restaurants. There were lots of chefs there. In typically haughty French fashion, the invitation requested we wear ties (I'm surprised they didn't... More

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