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Top This: Vesuviana Pizza (à la Adrienne's Pizzabar)

The Vesuviana at Adrienne's Pizzabar, Nick Angelis' lively restaurant in New York's Financial District, delivers an impressive composition of flavors. Spicy pepperoncini comes together with briny olives and salty anchovies to create a savory complexity unmatched by most pizza toppings. Although this pie should be avoided by sodium sensitive pizza lovers, one bite of this baby and we wanted more. Lucky for us, Adrienne's Executive Chef Francisco Martinez demonstrated how to make the Vesuviana step-by-step. More

9 NYC Pizzerias with Great Gardens

Let's talk about the weather. Though it's still a bit chilly and rainy here in NYC, the trees at least are blooming, which means truly glorious days are on their way. We at Slice can't think of a better way to mark the season than with a roundup of our favorite NYC pizzerias with garden seating. More

Adrienne's Pizzabar: Whatever You Call It, It's Great

What I love just as much as the confluence of great ingredients, though, is the riot of textures on this pizza. The airy, puffy parts of the dough are crisp yet soft and pillowy. The thinner parts that didn't rise as much are crisper and dense and get a little more oily and almost fried in the pan. The regular "aged" mozzarella in spots chars a bit and takes on that crunchy texture that I love in Detroit-style pan pizzas. And the fresh mozzarella remains creamy throughout. More

A Saturday Pizza Tour

From left: A Di Fara half-plain, half-artichoke pie; pizza-makers at Franny's; an Isabella's Oven Margherita D.O.C.; Una Pizza Napoletana's marinara pie. Last year around this time Slice/Serious Eats contributed to Pim Techamuanvivit's Menu for Hope charity raffle. Our giveaway was a guided pizza tour for four. Well, the winners—Anthony Kinik and Michelle Marek of Montreal food blog An Endless Banquet—finally made us make good on our prize. (It took them almost a year because they live in Montreal and I secretly think they were waiting for the loonie to beat the dollar before making a trip to the U.S.)... More

Adrienne's in the 'New York Times'

Peter Meehan visits Adrienne's Pizza Bar and finds that "the difference is night and day." He's talking about the vibe and the menu at lunch and dinner. Until 5 p.m. or so, Adrienne's Pizza Bar is brightly lighted and bustling. Those who need to rush back to the office - Adrienne's is in the financial district - can grab a slice from the counter near the Pearl Street entrance. Those with time to linger can order from a simple menu that features gigantic 10-slice rectangular pizzas ($15) with a bevy of toppings to choose from ($3 each), as well... More

Daily News Pizza Roundup

This is another week-old one that we neglected to post about during our renovation. The Daily News did a roundup of New York City's best pizzerias last week. As we told Eater, the new foodblog from the folks who brought you Curbed: A nice roundup, I think. A lot of it is old hat to me, but there were some nice surprises in there, particularly a couple Brooklyn places (Graziella's, Laura's) that have been lurking one or two neighborhoods over from Slice HQ.Irene Sax knows her stuff, and I agree with most of her assessments, although I don't know why... More

Adrienne's Pizzabar

In Manhattan's Financial District, where the law of supply and demand is keenly understood, a new pizza partnership has emerged to capitalize on what we at Slice have noticed is a growing taste in the city for the "grandma" pie—essentially a thin-crust Sicilian. Co-owned by famed pizzaman Nick Angelis (Nick's) and Harry and Peter Poulakakos (Bayard's, Financier, Ulysses), Adrienne's offers Angelis's renowned round pies—but what keeps customers eagerly waiting for tables is the "Old Fashioned." It's a pizza that any Italian nonna would be proud to call her own, and those at Adrienne's exhibit the same bright, fresh tomato... More

Openings: Adrienne's Pizzabar

Update: Read Slice's Adrienne's Review here From NYMetro.com (third item): Adrienne’s Pizza Bar Square must be the new round judging by Adrienne’s, a stylish joint venture from father-and-son restaurateurs Harry and Peter Poulakakos (Bayard’s, Financier Patisserie, Ulysses) and Nick Angelis of Nick’s Pizza fame. Although his superb signature round pie is on the menu, the big news is that Angelis has delved into the rarefied world of thin-crust square, or “grandma”-style pizza. Inspired by Brooklyn’s Di Fara and its thin-crust Sicilian pie as well as the trend-setting grandma version at King Umberto’s on Long Island, he’s crafted a pizza that—dare... More

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