'Adam Richman' on Serious Eats

Meet and Eat: Adam Richman, The Man of 'Man vs. Food Nation'

Adam Richman, one of the more serious of eaters around, is the host of The Travel Channel's hit show Man vs. Food Nation. In each episode he travels to a different city and coaches a local through food challenges, tackling everything from a six-pound barbecue sandwich to a super spicy pizza. We recently chatted with him over the phone to find out his pre-challenge routine to get warmed up, his favorite spot for mint chocolate chip ice cream, his last bite on earth, and more. More

Serious Reads: America the Edible, by Adam Richman

All Travel Channel junkies are familiar with the big grin and bigger appetite of television host Adam Richman. On Man v. Food, the actor-turned-TV-star takes on food challenges across the country. There's nothing too spicy, too sweet, too enormous for Richman's adventurous tastes. In a new book, America the Edible: My Hungry History, from Sea to Dining Sea, he tracks decades of his own food travels across the United States, peppering his tales with recipes and photos. More

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