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9 Oscar Dogs Inspired by the 2012 Best Picture Nominees

Will Levitt 26 comments

Oscars and hot dogs might not seem like the most likely combination. That is, of course, until you think of one of America's most beloved hot dogs, the Oscar Mayer Wiener, and then you wonder why the two haven't been paired together earlier. Here are nine Oscar-themed hot dogs inspired by each of the films nominated for Best Picture. Everything from "The Parisian Dog" for Midnight in Paris with pâté and Dijon vinaigrette to the pineapple and Sriracha "Hawaii Dog" for The Descendants. More

Punny Oscar Menu: 10 Dishes Inspired by Nominated Films

The Serious Eats Team 7 comments

We love our puns at Serious Eats, and the Academy Awards is a golden opportunity to pun-geek out on the nominees. Inspired by the films up for awards this year, we put together a menu for your Oscars-viewing parties this Sunday. Some many of these dish concepts are total stretches and make very little sense. But hopefully all of you fellow pun lovers will get a kick out of them. More

Punny Oscar Foods 2011

The Serious Eats Team 6 comments

Need last minute menu ideas for tonight's Academy Awards viewing? Here are some punny dishes we came up with inspired by tonight's nominees and some of our favorite recipes. True Cheese Grits, Winter's Bone Marrow, Mark Ruffalo Wings, and more. Yeah, we're pretty big nerds. More

Serious Entertaining: Oscar Party

Serious Entertaining Carrie Vasios Mullins 8 comments

In this Oscars-themed menu, each course represents one of the nominated films for Best Picture. Appletinis to start since Mark Zuckerberg enjoys them in The Social Network, pork pies in honor of The King's Speech (since the Brits love their meat pies), and for dessert, cowboy cookies for True Grit. More

Planning Your Oscar Party Menu

Carey Jones 11 comments

Tonight marks the 82nd Annual Academy Awards—and any event that brings people together for extended television sessions demands a snack plan. We've rounded up some of our favorite Oscar-worthy recipes for your eating pleasure. All a big step up from plain old popcorn. More

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