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NYT: Fairfield Pepe's as Good as New Haven Pepe's

It always becomes an issue when a highly regarded pizzeria opens a second location -- will the pies be as good at the new branch? Will production at the original branch suffer as a result of the new venture? The New York Times on the new Fairfield, Connecticut, branch of Frank Pepe's: To the average aficionado of thin-crust pies, the chewy, somewhat salty dough dished up by Fairfield’s Frank Pepe is every bit as good as any coming out of New Haven. One reason for that is the use of a coal-fired oven, which generates far more heat than most... More

Interviewed on Foodcandy.com

I think I forgot to mention last week that Foodcandy.com did an interview with me. Foodcandy bills itself as "Friendster for Foodies." But, in truth, it's more fun and useful than Friendster. Here's the interview.... More

Slice in 'Cravings'

Cravings, the monthly web-based food magazine published by Celia Cheng, just published an interesting feature about foodbloggers for its August issue. And it's not just interesting because Slice and our sister site, A Hamburger Today, are featured ;) Ms. Cheng talked to eight other foodbloggers, and it appears she did the same thorough interviews with them as she did with me. I've been looking forward to this feature for the past month, as Ms. Cheng went beyond the typical questions ("How long have you been publishing?" "What's your favorite pizzeria?") in her attempt to suss out the motivations and... More

Slice Google Maps in NY Post

This site was mentioned in the New York Post today in a story about Google Maps mashups. Referring, of course, to our Slice Pizza Map. Nyslice.com lets hungry New Yorkers see the city with topographical pizza goggles on. In other words, the way it was intended. Unfortunately, the paper botched our URL. In other words, their hungry readers will remain pizzagraphically challenged and hungry. Off the Charts [New York Post]... More

I Say, It's Our Birthday

Slice is two years old today. In that time, I've racked up 585 published posts (586, if you count this one), 1055 comments, a 210 on the cholesterol chart, and countless new readers from around the Big Apple and across the world. Unlike last year, no big festivities are planned for the two-year anniversary. I'd just like to use the occasion to give big ups to all the folks reading the site, particularly those who have become familiar commenters along the way. And special thanks go out to those who have contributed posts and reviews to the site. I can't... More

Blog On

Not to be outdone by the Post, the New York Daily News has two items on pizza today. The first is about Brooklyn-style-pizzeria owner Todd Duvio's effort to rebuild his New Orleans restaurant and his blog detailing it. Slice had this story last week, but it's good to see Mr. Duvio getting some wider press. We're hopeful that Brooklyn memorabilia will start moving his way. The second item mentions Slice: Mutz to you If you've still got pizza on your mind, it's time for a visit to the city's own pizza blog, Slice (sliceny.com). Its slogan: "Crusty, Saucy, Cheesy." Although... More

Slice on NY1

If you live in New York City, subscribe to Time-Warner Cable, and have a high tolerance for hot air, you can tune to NY1 between 6 and 7 p.m. tonight or tomorrow to catch this site's editor & publisher on the air. NY1, for those non–New Yorkers reading this, is like a CNN for the Big Apple. The all–New York-all-the-time channel will air a segment on Google Maps mash-ups in which I appear blabbing about how neat the tool is. Slice, of course, uses the function in our recently released Slice Pizza Map, which plots all the pizzerias that... More

Quick Shout Out: Eat Drink One Woman

Just want to say thanks in this space to Ganda S. over at Eat Drink One Woman, who asked me to star this week in her site's You Are What You Eat feature. I'm among good company there; past subjects have included food-crazy rock star Miho Hatori (straight out of purgatory) of Cibo Matto fame. Amazingly, some people actually want to know more about the folks behind their favorite foodblogs. Go figure. If you are one such person, here's the link to my interview. If you couldn't care less, you should still click over to EDOW anyway. You'll find witty,... More


So, last night was the Food Blog Panel at Makor Center. As you might know, yours truly was a member of the panel, along with Alaina "A Full Belly" Browne and Josh "The Food Section" Friedland. Andrea Strong moderated. I don't have much to say about the event, because I didn't take notes, didn't record it, and I was a bit nervous so can't remember many details about what we all talked about. Perhaps later in the day my fellow panelists and some of our fellow foodbloggers in attendance will chime in on their sites and I'll link. We... More

Foodblog Talk Tonight

Just a reminder that tonight at the Makor Center, the editor in chief of this blog, Adam Kuban (that's me), will be speaking on the topic of foodblogs. I'll be on a panel with Alaina Browne of A Full Belly and Josh Friedland of The Food Section. Food writer and fellow culinary-site proprietor Andrea Strong will moderate. The discussion, For the Main Course, a Blog, starts at 7:30 p.m. TIckets are $12 in advance (you can buy them through the Makor site; click the link above) or $15 at the door. Special note to my friends and coworkers: Yes—feel... More

Slice In The Post

Well, folks: Slice is in the New York Post today. Not surprising that they picked up the GOPizza buzz. Any new readers coming to Slice via the Post: Welcome. We hope you like what you find here. [Thanks to Jen for spotting this.]... More

A New Look

Regular Slice readers will notice a new look and a couple new features today. I've been spending a lot of time behind the curtain, trying to get a handle of the various blogging and web-design tools available. I hope I've picked the right ones and have used them judiciously. We'll see. Along with the kitschy pizzeria-tablecloth background you'll see that we've switched to a three-column layout, which gives us room for the "Pizza Talk" section and for a box that shows the most recent reader comments. Also new are the drop-down navigation menus. I hope this adds a little more... More

It's The Magic Number

Contrary to what De La Soul sang back in the D.A.I.S.Y. Age, three is not the magic number. At least not at Slice, where we hold that figure to be eight.That's because a pizza comprises eight (8) slices. There are exceptions, with some pizzerias cutting six-slice pies or some even cutting a grid across their circular pizzas, resulting in rectangular pieces (with some odd curvilinear bits at the corners).We point this out because someone visited our site after doing a Yahoo search for "how many slices of pizza are there in a regular pie."As obsessive-compulsives, we check our Site Meter... More

For Auld Lang Syne

2003 is but a sauce-smeared paper plate about to be thrown away, so here is our obligatory year-end post, the one in which we make our resolutions known to our loyal readers.We're happy with the nice feedback we've gotten in the short time this weblog has been up, but we know we could be doing more.So, in 2004, we resolve to beef up on the original content.We'll visit more pizzerias and write up our impressions in a more timely manner.We've got ideas on making the site more functional—maps, a PDA-friendly page, better archiving— and we promise to put them into... More

On the Map

Slice is on the map! We are now listed on NYCBloggers. Our train is the R. Our stop is the Union Street station in Park Slope. Check out NYCBloggers and search Big Apple blogs by neighborhood.... More

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