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Cook the Book: 'A16 Food + Wine'

In the U.S., the term road food has less-than-appetizing connotations: soggy drive-thru burgers, chicken nuggets made from meat with questionable origins, and corn syrup-infused coffee beverages. Not so in Italy, where the Autostrada Sedici (Highway Sixteen) runs between Naples and Canosa in Puglia and is studded with rustic trattorias and local wineries. While conducting research for a new San Francisco restaurant, Nate Appleman and Shelley Lindgren found themselves cruising back and forth along the A16, which gave them "a sense of direction in the unfamiliar surroundings." So it's no surprise that they chose it as both the name of their highly acclaimed restaurant and their cookbook, A16 Food + Wine. A16 Food + Wine begins with an exhaustive overview of... More

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