'A Cookie a Day 2009' on Serious Eats

Cook the Book: Chocolate Chunkocino Cookies

After baking up a batch I realized that there was nothing embarrassing about these cookies, save for their unfortunate name. The dough is not that different from the Toll House version, just a bit more brown sugar and less white. The cacao nibs and ground coffee lend a wonderfully adult bitter richness. And the extended chill in the fridge makes for cookies that are nice and crunchy on the outside, but chewy and just underdone enough in the center to make them a guilty pleasure. More

Nutella Linzer Cookies

The following recipe is from the December 30 edition of our weekly recipe newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your inbox, sign up here! Nutella is a beautiful thing. Chocolate and hazelnuts brought together into a creamy spread—what's not to... More

Cakespy: Turn Leftover Christmas Cookies Into Croutons

Though they follow the same general idea as savory croutons—baking and flavoring dried-out carbohydrates to give them a second wind—this version is composed entirely of sweet ingredients. The applications for these crunchy, sweet little nuggets are virtually endless—they can be used as an ice cream topping, a rich eggnog or hot chocolate garnish, or as a buttery delight all their own. More

Cook the Book: Florentine Bars

I assumed that something this perfect would require baking skills superior to my own, but they are fairly basic in technique. Three steps in fact: a basic shortbread, a caramel topping with plenty of almonds and dried cherries mixed in, and a finishing drizzle of dark chocolate. More

Jam Thumbprints

The following recipe is from the December 23 edition of our weekly recipe newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your inbox, sign up here! The whole time that I was baking these Jam Thumbprints from America's Test Kitchen Family Baking... More

Cook the Book: Glazed Lemon Cookies

The cookies have a very crisp texture, and a pronounced lemon flavor both aromatic and tart. But the nicest part of these cookies is that the lemon flavor is sharp and bright, and there's something about them that bring to mind a refreshing glass of lemonade or a scoop of lemon sorbet. More

Cakespy: Moldy Mice Cookies

Mexican wedding cakes, snowballs, kourambiedes, Armenian sugar cookies, Viennese crescents, sand tarts, Russian teacakes—as varied as this international sampler of cookies may sound, they really do amount to basically the same thing: a buttery, usually nutty, melt-in-your mouth treat, liberally coated with confectioners' sugar. More

Cook the Book: Christmas Cornflake Wreaths

As it turns out, these Christmas Cornflake Wreaths are another one of Lawson's deliciously appealing ventures into the realm of bad taste that comes one a year. A stick of butter and a bag of mini marshmallows are the base for her semi-upscale version of this childhood pleaser. The puffed rice is replaced by corn flakes, adding a bit more corny flavor and an entirely different texture. The vanilla is assisted by almond extract and sesame seeds—not exactly kid's stuff. More


The following recipe is from the December 16 edition of our weekly recipe newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your inbox, sign up here! Panforte is a traditional Italian Christmas sweet. It's the Tuscan equivalent of fruitcake, sweet and spiced... More

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