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Cheap-Slice Showdown: St. Marks 2 Bros. Pizza vs. 99 Cent Fresh Pizza

From left: St. Marks 2 Bros. Pizza, 542 Ninth Ave, New York NY 10018 (at West 40th Street; map). 99¢ Fresh Pizza, 569 Ninth Avenue, New York NY 10036 (at 41st Street; map). Click all photos for larger versions. These and all subsequent photos feature 2 Bros. on left and 99¢ on right. Fig. 1: A side-by-side comparison of St. Marks 2 Bros. Pizza and 99¢ Fresh Pizza slices. Yesterday afternoon, Zach Brooks of Midtown Lunch issued a challenge via blog and tweet. He claims he doesn't know much about pizza and wanted my opinion on the hot new... More

Flour, Cheese Prices Drop; Pizza Prices Remain High, May Yet Climb

A cheap slice to stave off hunger used to be a given. That all changed earlier this year with the skyrocketing price of flour and cheese. But, but ... Now, not only is the cost of a 50-pound bag of flour half the $36 it cost nine months ago, mozzarella cheese is down 15% from its summer high, and fuel prices, which affect nearly everything, are way down.Yet most business owners have a million excuses for sticking with menu markups made when wholesale prices were sky high.Here's how Sal's on Court St. in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, explains its $3 slice,... More

99-Cent Fresh Pizza Line

Midtown Lunch Check out the line at 99¢ Fresh Pizza. Zach Brooks of Midtown Lunch (and Serious Eats New York editor) captured this scene last Wednesday. That line's on par with Di Fara, though I doubt the place is as good. 99¢ Fresh Pizza 151 East 43rd Street, New York NY 10017 (b/n Third and Lexington avenues; map); 212-922-0257... More

99 cent pizza

When I was growing up in deepest New York suburbia (Cedarhurst, LI), slices of pizza were fifteen cents. Forty years later you can pay up to $2.50 for a piece of 'za. So I was sent hurdling back to my... More

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