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Gallery of Rice Cakes from Seoul's 7th International Tteok Fair

If you think of rice cakes as only being round or block-shaped, you're...right about most of them. But at the 7th International Tteok Fair in Seoul, South Korea, there were more! So many more! For the rice cake competition, contestants made elaborate dishes that, unfortunately, only the judges could eat, but they provided plenty of eye-candy for the rest of us. Since there were too many for me to include in my overview of the fair, I separated my favorites into this gallery. Many of the tteok dishes were make to look like other things. This South Korean flag, for one.... More

Photos from Seoul's 7th International Tteok Fair

On May 8 and 9, the Institute of Traditional Korean Food converted the massive aT Center in Seoul into Rice Cake Central for the 7th International Tteok (Rice Cake) Fair. While a sea of chefs competed to make the best tteok dish, hoards of kids made sweet red bean-filled tteok and watched rice pounding demonstrations. Down one side of the hall, companies for tteok manufacturing equipment put their gleaming wares on display; on the other side, vendors gave out fresh samples of tteok and sold their products. Hands-on activities included learning how to make tteok and tasting different rice wines. For the non-interactive part, there were displays featuring tteok-related relics, examples of rice cakes from around the world, and... More

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