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We Try 7-Eleven's New Diet Coke FROST Cherry Slurpee

Drinks Adam Lindsley 3 comments

My wife is a Diet Coke fanatic, so I took her with me to test out the new Diet Coke Cherry Slurpee at 7-Eleven. More

Singapore Stories: Tour of 7-Eleven

Yvonne Ruperti 8 comments

See what local flavors are stocking the shelves at 7-Elevens in Singapore. More

We Try All the Flavors of AriZona's Soda Shaq from 7-Eleven

Drinks Nick Guy 3 comments

Shaquille O'Neal already represents Reebok, Icy Hot/Gold Bond, Buick, and Zales. Clearly, cream soda is the next logical step. So we checked out the whole lineup of Soda Shaq AriZona cream sodas from 7-Eleven. More

Snapshots from Hong Kong: Photo Tour of 7-Eleven

Robyn Lee 22 comments

In the overwhelmingly dense shopping mecca of Hong Kong, the store I ended up shopping at most was...7-Eleven. Here's what you'll find inside. More

We Try the New Slurpee Lite Fanta Sugar-Free Mango from 7-Eleven

Drinks Molly Goldman 10 comments

It's hard to resist a Slurpee in the summer time, even if you're not a high school kid hanging around in the 7-Eleven parking lot. I'm drawn to the onomatopoeic name and its natural association with Bart Simpson. But does the world need a diet Slurpee? Just in time for the warm months, 7-Eleven has unleashed Slurpee Lite, a sugar-free frozen beverage with half the calories of your run of the mill Wild Cherry Slurpee. Today I sampled the Slurpee Lite Fanta Sugar-Free Mango, May's signature flavor. More

Pizza Flavored Steamed Buns: Stupid, or Genius?

Slice J. Kenji López-Alt 45 comments

At a convenience store In Japan, you've got a window full of rice balls in flavors ranging from pickled plum to spicy pollack roe, skewered beef guts or fish cakes simmered in broth, or—a relative newcomer to the snacking scene—Chinese mandou-style buns, commonly called simply man in Japan. The usual suspects are there—pork, cabbage, mushroom—but this time I was interested in the single neon-orange specimen with the intriguing name pizza-man. This, I thought to myself, has the potential to stagger me with its genius. More

Bottom Shelf Beer: 7-Eleven's Game Day Ice Ale

Drinks Will Gordon 15 comments

Very few convenience stores in Massachusetts are licensed to sell alcohol, but the 7-Eleven in Harvard Square sells the cheapest cold beer in town. (Trader Joe's has less expensive brew, but it's warm; furthermore, they don't sell heat-lamped sausage biscuits for a dollar.) If you live in a more reasonable precinct of the lower 48, you might not call $9 a bargain for a dozen cans of store-label beer, but in Cambridge, where nobody works yet everybody's rich, Game Day Ice Ale is a potential steal. More

7-Eleven Slice Salvation

Slice Will Gordon 29 comments

A distressing number of Cambridge pizzerias close at the ridiculous hour of Before I Want Pizza. Fortunately, what Cambridge lacks in slice options, it makes up for in 7-Elevens, and they've finally started selling pizza! More

Hot Dog of the Week: 24-Hour Dog

Hawk Krall 12 comments

"While many folks wouldn't touch a gas station hot dog with a ten-foot pole, it inspires a cult-like following for others." Past Weeks' Dogs Slaw DogPuka DogThe Philly ComboTijuana DogsTexas WeinersFlo's Hot Dogs Over the last few weeks we've highlighted some fascinating regional hot dogs. But for most of us, eating a hot dog does not mean traveling halfway across the country to a roadside stand in a half-abandoned coal mining town. This week's dog is a style that many will be familiar with, possibly more so than we'd like to admit. While the object of much ridicule--the term "gas station hot dog" being a common euphemism for anything on the bottom of the culinary barrel--the 24-Hour Dog can be... More

Sugar Rush: Slurpees and How to Pour Them

New York Adam Kuban 35 comments

Don't know how to pull a Slurpee? I'll teach you how, in pictures and video. More

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