'100-calorie snack packs' on Serious Eats

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 25: Maybe 100-Calorie Snack Packs Aren't the Answer

A study by the Journal of Consumer Research reported on in the New York Times actually suggests what my wife has been saying to me for months now: Smaller packages of snack foods actually cause serious eaters to eat more rather than less. The study suggests smaller packages can lead consumers to eat more, by blunting their wariness about how much they consume. In one experiment, students were primed to think about their body shape, then were given potato chips and left to watch television. They ate nearly twice as many chips when given nine small bags as when given two large ones. They also hesitated less before opening the small bags. Recently my wife told me not to buy... More

Ed Levine's Serious Diet Week 7: Can the 100-Calorie Snacks Be a Trap?

My wife, who has never struggled with her weight, called me out yesterday about the proliferation of 100-calorie snack packages she has noticed around our apartment. I of course got defensive and told her I had the whole thing under control. Furthermore, I was doing research for an upcoming series of posts on the best 100-calorie snacks (both sweet and savory). In other words, my longtime defense and justification for overeating was rearing its ugly (and fat) head again: "I'm just doing my work, dear." Then yesterday evening, after I had consumed my third 100-calorie snack pack of the day, it hit me like a ton of Cheez-Its. Maybe she's right.... More

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