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Another Day, Another Meme: 100 Japanese Foods to Try

Yesterday I did the 100 Chinese Foods meme and mentioned that I'd check in today with the 100 Japanese Foods to Try meme. Here it is. This one was started by Maki Itoh on her blog Just Hungry. The idea, again, is to copy and paste the list into your own site, bolding the items you've tried. The interesting thing about Maki's list is that it goes way beyond the Japanese foods we know and love in the West. Sushi, sashimi, and noodles barely make an appearance here. It's a real eye opener. My list appears after the jump. It seems the other folks here at SE are burnt out on 100 foods memes. Maybe they'll chime in in the... More

Another Meme: The 100 Chinese Foods to Try Before You Die

OK. Memes are spawning memes are spawning memes. It's like an experiment gone out of control. Mutations are rampant, and they're spreading like viruses. You remember The Omnivore's 100, right? Then there was The Traveling Omnivore's 20. Then the 10 Texas Sausages to Eat Before You Die. Now, the blog Appetite for China has birthed The 100 Chinese Foods to Eat Before You Die. The rules are similar to Omnivore's 100: Copy the list, paste it into your own blog, and bold all the foods you've had. There's also a 100 Japanese Foods to Try list, but I'm saving that post for tomorrow. My Chinese list, after the jump.... More

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