'100 calorie packs' on Serious Eats

Kraft Launches New Lazy People Food

No need to lift a finger for the spoon drawer anymore when Cool Whip cravings hit. Kraft will soon package the puffy white garnish in an aerosol can, much like other air-infused whipped cream cousins. Just squeeze and shoot. This is part of Kraft's new line of eighty re-packaged products, specifically catering to the most sloth-like of eaters. Yes, Uncrustables were just the beginning. We recently told you about the Bagel-ful, which eliminates the hassle of cream cheese spreading, but there's more. Goldfish Mac N' Cheese crackers are shaped like macaroni noodles. Chew them up and it's as if you spent a few minutes boiling water and stirring in powdered cheese to make one of the already-easiest-to-make foods. Pudding doesn't... More

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