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The SE staffers weigh in on their favorites.


The Best Sweets We Ate in July

Pecorino. Gelato. Together. Pecorino gelato. Would you try it? It turns out that the stuff—served at Carapina in Florence, Italy—is amazing. But that wasn't the only mind-blowing dessert we tried in July: we also ate some fantastic durian shaved ice, chocolate babka, and a masterful coffee-coconut popsicle. We celebrated peach season with pies, Melba, and more. More

The Best Things We Ate in July

When Serious Eaters travel, we tend to see the journey as a challenge of the appetite, sometimes packing in extra meals just to make sure we squeeze every delicious bite out of a trip to Thailand or Montreal or Italy. Sure, there are tourist attractions to visit, but we're really in it for the khao soi, the foie gras sandwiches, and the awesome stewed tripe. More

Staff Picks: The Best Things We Ate in March

What's that old saying about March? "In like a lion, out like a lamb?" Yeah, that's kind of how this month went for us...except for the part where we ate lions (that was last month). But we did eat all sorts other great things, including Robyn's victorious return to pizza-eating and the best gumbo Nick has ever had in his life. Click through to see all of the best things we ate this month! More

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Recipes for Entertaining

In the dead of winter, there's nothing better than hunkering down over a big 'ol meal with your nearest and dearest (assuming you can convince them to leave the house in the midst of yet another Polar Vortex). Then again, for those who live in more temperate climates, any day ending in "y" is an excuse to throw a dinner party. So with that in mind, we asked our editors for their go-to dish when entertaining. More

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