Roast Better With OXO


As the weather begins to cool, nothing's more satisfying than eating a delicious roast (and enjoying the warmth that the process brings to your home). The good news is that you really don't need all that much to successfully roast at home, whether you're making a classic chicken, a holiday turkey, or a bounty of fall vegetables. That said, we like to have a few essential tools on hand for the season. Here are the ones we keep at the ready, all made by OXO with the goal of making everyday (and holiday) roasting better.

OXO Thermocouple Thermometer

An instant-read thermometer is an essential tool for cooking meat properly. By taking the internal temperature of the meat, as opposed to using the unreliable poke test or slicing into it before it's rested, you can at once alleviate any paranoid feelings that the meat is underdone (and thus unsafe to eat) and keep the juices in it—without them dripping out onto the cutting board. OXO's Thermocouple Thermometer is among our favorites for its ultra-fast readings (between two and three seconds), accuracy (+/-0.9°F), and usability. The thermometer is optimized for both lefties and righties, with a 225-degree rotating probe and a screen that flips the display, so you can always read it. What's more, the Thermocouple Thermometer automatically turns on when the probe is opened or closed, and auto-shuts off after periods of inactivity to preserve battery life. Oh, and that battery will likely last you through the whole season, whether you're making the perfect roast chicken or butter-basted steak.

OXO Flavor Injector


If you're looking to improve upon a plain chicken or roast recipe, we suggest grabbing a Flavor Injector. OXO's version has two color-coded needles for thin and thick marinades, whether you're injecting herb-laden melted butter or homemade stock.

The BPA-free tube can hold up to two ounces, and the large, open handle is simple to pull and push. To use, just fill the injector with your flavor enhancer of choice, add a quick shot, disassemble, and throw the whole thing in the dishwasher.

OXO Good Gravy Fat Separator


Sure, the OXO Good Gravy Fat Separator may not sound glamorous, but it's a great way to remove excess oil and grease from your pan sauces, gravies, and soups. Simply pour your sauce into the attached strainer and wait—as the mixture cools in the BPA-free container, the fat will rise to the top. You can then squeeze the non-slip handle to release the liquid from the bottom and leave the fat behind. Once you've safely poured out the fat, you can put the tool right in the dishwasher (we will never get tired of such easy cleanup). Add the separated juices back to the pan to form a reduction, or pour it over your plate straight from the separator.

OXO Silicone Roasting Rack


It's never really a good idea to roast meat directly on your roasting pan. A proper Roasting Rack elevates food, allowing air to circulate for more even roasting, so the meat doesn't just sit in its own juices and steam. Vents on roasting racks also keep your food from sitting in its own fat, which can burn. These eye-catching red roasting racks from OXO are designed for all sorts of roasts, poultry, fish, and vegetables. Use one in a small pan, or use multiple side by side for a larger roast (or stack them for extra elevation). Since they're made from heat-resistant silicone, these racks are also super easy to clean—just pop them out of the pan and straight into the dishwasher.

OXO Baster With Cleaning Brush


There's a reason why so many people spend the bulk of their Thanksgiving cooking time basting the bird. First, it's a great way to redeposit dripped proteins and aromatics onto the surface of the turkey, giving the meat more flavor. It can also help the bird cook faster if you're running a bit behind schedule. Plus, basting with oil can help the skin get extra brown. OXO's Baster is made from crack-resistant, high-heat plastic. The flat silicone bulb is easy to grip, and the neck features both standard and metric measurements. The baster comes with a tiny little brush to help you thoroughly clean out the narrow tube.

OXO Glass Bakeware


When it's time to make classic baked holiday dishes, like Kenji's green bean casserole, OXO's borosilicate Glass Bakeware is great to have on hand. Unlike the soda-lime glass that most baking dishes are made from, borosilicate glass is built to withstand extreme temperature changes without shattering, which means you can prep your casserole early and toss it in the freezer. Then, on the day of, put it straight in the oven (without thawing) and serve it right in the (pretty attractive) glass dish. OXO offers a few different sets: There are the two- and three-quart baking dishes, which come with or without raised transparent lids (to protect your green bean casserole in the car); an eight-piece set, which includes those baking dishes plus a pie plate, a loaf pan, and round containers with snap lids; and the 14-piece set, which comes with even more snap lids (ideal for transporting and heating up lunch at the office). No matter which set you choose, each piece is heat-safe up to 450°F. Your meal-prep game for the holidays and beyond is about to get really strong.

OXO Metal Bakeware


Of course, no kitchen is complete without a set of metal bakeware. OXO's metal baking sheets are commercial-grade and made of heavy-gauge aluminized steel, providing fast and even heat distribution. The super-durable ceramic-reinforced coating makes the ultimate nonstick surface for all sorts of foods, whether you're roasting butternut squash or baking cookies. Plus, each piece is scratch-, stain-, corrosion-, and abrasion-resistant, meaning it can withstand plenty of wear and tear. And those square-rolled edges? They're not just there to look good; they also make it easy to slide the pans in and out of the oven. If you've ever dropped a baking sheet full of food, you'll understand that this quality is one to be celebrated.