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The Best Cocktails Aboard Quantum of the Seas


Does cruise-ship drinking conjure up images of blended daiquiris and piña coladas? Time to leave those outdated notions behind. Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas extends its cutting-edge approach to dining to mixology, too. Each restaurant features a distinct, and defining, list of cocktails, from smart takes on the classics to wholly innovative libations. Here are five to know.

The "Giant Leap" at Wonderland
Gin pairs perfectly with mango purée and one surprising element -- cilantro -- that echoes the herbal undertones of Bombay Sapphire. A garnish of red pepper and sugar heightens every flavor.

"Bulletproof Manhattan" at Michael's Genuine Pub
A favorite libation at Michael Schwartz' eponymous Miami restaurant, made with Wild Turkey 81, rosemary-infused Amarena cherries, and lemon.

"Lobo Rojo" at Boleros
Miami club rum is heavily featured in this Royal original. Prickly pear jam is slammed into Jalapeño peppers and lime juice and sweetened with agave nectar.

"Buttered Popcorn Sazarac" at American Icon Grill
A simple syrup made from buttered popcorn enhances the creamy notes of Maker's Mark bourbon, which is then mixed with fresh lemon juice and absinthe bitter for a new twist on an iconic American cocktail.

"El Matador" at Boleros
Cranberry puree and sage leaves are macerated with fresh lime and orange liquor, then combined with Don Julio Blanco Tequila.

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