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Kellogg's Teams Up With The Experts To Start The Morning Off Right


[Photos: Jessica Leibowitz]

There are so very many reasons to love cereal, and while I've sung the praises of cereal for dinner and an afternoon snack, there's truly nothing like starting off the morning with a huge, er I mean moderate, bowl of cereal and icy cold skim milk. Turns out, this simple and beloved breakfast is providing the grains and protein the body needs to start the day off right. It's like I always say, cereal and milk does a body good. Ok well, I've never said that. But I'm going to start.

Shockingly enough, people aren't reaching for the old cereal box the way they used to. Cereal's gotten a bad rap for being nothing but sugar and empty calories. Well, Kellogg's is spreading the good word on the benefits of cereal and milk in the morning, with the help of several famous friends.


[Photos: Laura Togut]

From June 24th - June 27th, Cereal lovers in NYC can join in the fun at the Kellogg's Recharge Bar, where cereal champion Christina Tosi, chef/owner of Milk Bar, choreographer Derek Hough, TV host Travis Stork, MD and the Roots will lend their creativity and expertise to demonstrate the benefits of cereal. To quote the lovely Ms. Tosi "I'm excited to work with Kellogg's to share how a nutritious bowl of cereal and milk can be reimagined as a delicious breakfast treat with a little bit of creativity in the kitchen. When you play around with Kellogg's tasty cereals, milk and imaginative toppings, the combinations are as endless as the flavors of cereal milk™ at the end of the bowl!"

The Kellogg's Recharge Bar will be located at 1701 Broadway at 54th Street, open to the public from 7AM - 2PM from Tuesday through Friday. I'll be lurking about all week, chatting with Christina Tosi and checking out the rest of the excitement and reporting back on all the cereal celebration. I can't wait to see what kind of things the talented Ms. Tosi creates with my beloved Frosted Mini Wheats or Raisin Bran. Finally, cereal is getting it's day, or should I say week, in the sun!

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