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Two Great Cookbooks Just Got Even Better: Done. and Josey Baker Bread


Tablets and cookbooks should be a match made in heaven, right? A lightweight device in the kitchen, with bright, legible text. It's a no-brainer. Unfortunately, as many avid home cooks have learned the hard way, too often cookbooks are poorly transferred to the ebook format. Not so with Done. and Josey Baker Bread, two new offerings from Chronicle Books available now from all major ebook retailers.

Done. answers the age-old question that's stumped us all from time to time: "Is it ready yet?" Cooking authority James Peterson gives at-a-glance answers for the most vexing foods, including veggies, meats, fish, sauces and even sweets. Smell, sound, look and texture: all the senses are used to provide easy reference, along with over 500 color photos. And rather than just porting the text from the book to digital ebook format, the ebook is designed with tablet and mobile users in mind.

The same is true of the Josey Baker Bread ebook, which makes the first truly entry-level bread baking cookbook even handier. You get all the same great recipes and gorgeous color pictures as the print edition, but it's much easier to carry around with you. Need to check an ingredients list in the supermarket? Pull it up on your phone! Want to pull it into your kitchen? It's far lighter on a tablet than in hardcover.

A great cookbook is something we all love; that these just as easily travel to the grocery store as they do into your kitchen is just icing on top.

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