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A Great Gift For The Holidays: TasteBook

Every web-savvy food enthusiast knows there are hundreds of thousands of great recipes sites across the internet. TasteBook is a great resource to discover, organize and share these recipes. For the ultimate personalized recipe collection, TasteBook allows you to search and collect recipes from excellent food sites across the web (including Serious Eats!), add your own recipes, and even access recipes from unique TasteBook Edition eBooks. You can save these recipes for yourself and share them with friends.


While storing your recipes online is convenient, there's something special about a hardcopy cookbook. This holiday season, you can use your TasteBook collection to make a beautiful custom printed cookbook for your family and friends. Just select the recipe collection you'd like to use, select a cover image, name and accent color, as well as a dedication page. It's a truly unique and personal gift for any food lover in your life. These one-of-kind cookbooks are a beautiful, professional way to capture your favorite recipes.

TasteBook also has a vibrant community and blog with tips from favorites like Martha Stewart and Food52. Your TasteBook collections are totally shareable, so you can check out what your friends are loving.

Visit TasteBook now to browse thousands of recipes and get started on your own custom cookbook today--and from now until the end of the year, buy 3 TasteBook cookbooks and get 10% off and free ground shipping when you use the code Holiday13!

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