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Why We're Paying More for Coffee

Drinks Meister 32 comments

Nobody wants to be told that they have (or should, or need to) pay more for something. Especially when that something happens to be what gets them going every morning and sustains life after boring midafternoon meetings. But it's true, friends: The coffee market is changing, and we have to change with it. Here's why those precious beans will soon cost us all a bit more bread. More

Why Coffee Dates Make Great First Dates

Drinks Meister 41 comments

"Do you want to get a coffee sometime?" It's the classic first-date proposal: Even baristas are susceptible to it. (My first-ever date was at a coffee shop—the one I worked at, as a matter of fact. Awkward!) This V-Day, let's talk about what makes that first caffeinated romantic encounter so perfect. More

Ever Wonder What a Coffee Cherry Tastes Like?

Drinks Meister 5 comments

It's easy to forget that coffee comes from a fruit, since hardly anybody outside of coffee-producing countries ever gets to see the stuff ripening in its natural state. This past week I got the opportunity to chomp on a few of these little beauties while visiting coffee farms in Nicaragua. Want to know what they're like? Of course you do. More

In Defense of Decaf

Drinks Meister 22 comments

Decaf drinkers have it rough. Not only are they always the butt of (never very funny) jokes and the constant recipients of barista skunk eye, but they're also often reduced to settling for the dregs in their cups. This is an outrage—and it doesn't have to be like this! I'm here to stand up in defense of decaf and its devotees: You're tired as hell, and you don't have to take it anymore. More

What Makes Peaberry Coffee So Special?

Drinks Meister 15 comments

You can't bake a pie with these 'berries, but you can brew yourself a delicious cup of coffee. If you've heard the term before, perhaps you're wondering: what are peaberries, and what makes them so special? More

Serious Caffeine Rush: What Is Instant Coffee?

Drinks Meister 50 comments

We all know that when the need for coffee hits, it can be pretty urgent—but is it ever urgent enough to justify instant coffee? We look at what the speedy stuff is so you can be the judge next time you get antsy for that first cup. More

Coffee Processing: How Do You Get from Cherry to Bean?

Drinks Meister 5 comments

What makes coffee taste like coffee? That's a more complicated question than you might think. At every step of a coffee bean's life, something intervenes that could drastically alter its flavor: Plant variety, agricultural approach, terroir, processing, roasting, storage, and, of course, brewing all play a huge part in how your morning cup tastes. Today, let's explore one of these influences: processing. More

Does 'Spiced' Coffee = 'Flavored' Coffee?

Drinks Meister 21 comments

Is "spiced" coffee the same as "flavored" coffee? We want to know how coffee purists feel about getting a little shake of somethin' in their morning brews. More

Gift Guide: For Coffee Lovers

Drinks Meister 3 comments

Nobody can survive the holidays on egg nog alone. Here are 10 ways to keep your caffeinated loved ones perky in the New Year. From coffee subscriptions to hand grinders, t-shirts to coffee beer—these gifts will make joe drinkers smile. More

Is Chicory Coffee Any Good? Or Just a Way to Stretch Coffee?

Drinks Meister 16 comments

The term "chicory coffee" conjures romantic images of leisurely breakfasts in New Orleans, munching beignets and sipping from a steaming mug while the lazy strains of jazzy trumpets float through the air. But what the heck is it, and is it actually good, or just a French Quarter daydream? Let's get down to the root of the root that makes this chicory coffee thing. More

Pumpkin-Spice Latte Roundup: Whole Foods vs. Dunkin' Donuts vs. Starbucks

Drinks Meister 36 comments

When approaching this Great Pumpkin Latte Tasting between Whole Foods, Dunkin' Donuts, and Starbucks, we had to ask ourselves, what's more important: pumpkin flavor, or pumpkin spice flavor? It might not seem like it's asking too much for a drink with both "pumpkin" and "spice" in the name to taste like, well, both. But after tasting these three versions, it does seem too much to ask, which is really a crying shame. More

Coffee Cupping: How Professionals Taste Coffee

Drinks Meister 5 comments

Kind of like the wine tasting for coffee beans, cupping is a methodical process with universally recognized parameters. What are professionals tasting for in a coffee? Check out our slideshow to find out. More

Taste Test: To Freeze or Not to Freeze Coffee Beans, v2.0

Drinks Meister 33 comments

A few weeks back, I unintentionally breached the Serious Eats code of taste-testing with my post about whether or not to freeze coffee beans. In retrospect I realized I didn't test a broad enough series of variables to really get down to the nitty-gritty facts. So with the help of Kenji I concocted a new series of samples (eight in total) and hosted a blind tasting at Serious Eats Headquarters in an attempt to finally get to the bottom of the beans. More

How to Have Good Coffee While Traveling

Drinks Meister 32 comments

Midsized American cities, campgrounds, your Sanka-loving grandparents' house—a lot of places are inhospitable to the discerning coffee lover. What to do when you're miles away from the great coffee you know and love? Here are some tips: like what to BYO, and what coffee nerds to tweet at for tips. More

To Freeze or Not to Freeze Coffee Beans

Drinks Meister 18 comments

It seems ironic, but the most burning coffee-related question I get asked is about the coldest place in the house: "Can I keep coffee in the freezer?" We conducted a blind side-by-side taste test to find out once and for all. More

Tasting Coffee Tea, Tea Infused with Dried Coffee Cherry Husks

Drinks Meister 1 comment

There are coffee people, and there are tea people, but are there coffee-tea people? I don't just mean those who obsessively drink both bevvies (I'm a member of that club), but the lucky ones currently drinking "tea" made from coffee. More

Are Coffee Microlots Worth the Money?

Drinks Meister 12 comments

Fancy shmancy coffee shmoffee: What's all this froufrou (read: expensive) coffee "microlot" stuff we keep hearing about lately, and should you be paying more attention to it? [Photograph: jakeliefer on Flickr] More

Coffee Bean Review: George Howell's Terroir and Barismo in Massachusetts

Drinks GreenwayBarista 1 comment

Finding a fantastic local roaster can be a tough chore in the sea of specialty and non-specialty grade coffee roasters out there. But if you live in or around Boston you're in luck: The coffee community has been growing rapidly and two local roasters in particular seem to be spearheading the movement. Like-minded yet extremely different in selections, George Howell's Terroir in Acton and Barismo out of Arlington offer intelligent and thoughtful coffees in the Northeast US. More

Caffeinated Complaint: Why Is Restaurant Coffee So Bad?

Drinks Meister 60 comments

I'm just going to come out and ask a burning (read: possibly inflammatory) question: Why is restaurant coffee generally so terrible? Seriously, why is it that you can drop a C-note on a beautifully crafted dinner paired with wines recommended by a gifted sommelier, but when the (impressive! delicious!) desserts are presented at the end of the meal they're inevitably accompanied by brown slop that tastes like it was filtered through a gym sock and subsequently microwaved? More importantly, can anything be done about it? More

Translating Coffee Menus: Different Names for 'Coffee Plus Milk'

Drinks Meister 21 comments

While apparently the whole "Inuits have a zillion different words for 'snow'" is a myth, it does seem that the average coffee shop uses a zillion different words to mean "coffee plus milk." You've got your café latte (Italian), café au lait (French), café con leche (Spanish), and even your flat white (the Down Under version, mates). So what's the deal? Put away your coffee-to-English dictionary and let us decipher the international language of caffeinated deliciousness for you. [Photograph:: journeyscoffee on Flickr] More

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