The Serious Eats Book

Serious Eats: A Comprehensive Guide to Making and Eating Delicious Food Wherever You Are is now in stores! Check out our incredible book, which captures all of the energy and excitement of Serious Eats in a brand-new paper-bound form.

What's Inside?

The short answer: One, long, impassioned search for our favorite eats from across the country—from food trucks to fine dining and everywhere in between. The best pies and sliders and brisket and croissants and fried chicken we know. 50 recipes developed by J. Kenji López-Alt. Predictably mouthwatering photos from Robyn Lee. Tales from the road. Introductions to many of the fine folks making this fine food. Our theories on oatmeal and American cheese, pizza ovens and sandwich construction. And much, much more.

There will be a few classic Serious Eats gems you've seen before between these covers—I mean, how could the Hamburger Fatty Melt not make it into our book? But the vast majority of the photos, recipes, and content are brand new.

Ah, it's facts you want? It's 368 full-color pages, in a glossy, gift-worthy, hefty-but-portable paperback. It's listed at $27.99 (though, as always, likely cheaper at major retailers). There will be a simultaneous e-book that'll look every bit as beautiful. It's published by our good friends and partners in this whole delicious adventure, Clarkson Potter of the Crown Publishing Group at Random House. And it's out right now—just in time for all your end-of-year gift-giving—in stores everywhere.

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What the Critics Are Saying

It's hard to know which is more astonishing, the amount of food stuffed into the 368 pages of "Serious Eats" by Ed Levine and the editors of Serious Eats, or its comprehensive coverage... I plan to tear out the essential seven-page directory of places listed in the book, and make several photocopies, to keep in the car and with my travel stuff.

New York Times

Distilling the essence of the world's largest online community of food enthusiasts into a readable book is not easy, but this entertaining, handy debut from the creators of manages to do just that. Part cookbook, part travel guide, it covers the best in American grub... Lively writing and appealing photos make this a great choice for the junk food aficionado and the highly opinionated cook alike.

Publisher's Weekly

The expert chowhounds from one of the best food blogs out there have compiled a comprehensive guide to good eats no matter where you live.

Entertainment Weekly

Serious Eaters are people who may come to food face first, tongues wagging, but who are about appreciation, not judgment. Who are about finding the delicious, not one-upsmanship. A community who may first consume the food, but who also want to engage with the people who make it—to learn from and respect and, in some cases, reverse-engineer from them... part food guide, part cookbook, part conversation with people who think French Fries are a perfectly interesting thing to talk about for the better part of an afternoon.

Gilt Taste

An exhaustive and witty guide to all that is delicious... It's a fun book, with plenty of chatty prose and recipes scattered among the paeans of praise to pastries, farmers markets, artisanal pizzas and old-school burger joints... If you like the blog -- or have a twentysomething foodie in your life -- you'll love this.

San Jose Mercury News

Written like a guidebook with addresses and "best of" recipes for each genre, I suggest someone organize a road trip based on all their lists of the best places to chow down, and if someone drives the bus, I'll seriously be happy to take care of any and all edible leftovers.

David Lebovitz

Give this to a young and eager diner. New York food writer Levine pulled together a smart bunch of young editors to build a great food-obsessed website. Their first book is a guide to obsessive eating from coast to coast.

Charlotte Observer