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Serious Cheese: Be My Cheesy Valentine

Naturally, when you think of romance, you think of cheese. In the pantheon of amorous foods, there are oysters, chocolate, and then...cheese. (At least that's how I rank them.) Please thank me in advance as I save your Valentine's Day through the powers of fermented mammal milk. Sexy, non? Here's a guide to buying cheese for your squeeze. More

Serious Cheese: The Olympic Cheese-Plate Showdown

It's February, and the polar vortex is in full effect across the country. The winter blues have raked your soul bare and there is truly nothing to look forward to. Wait, what's that? Ice dancing? Curling? Jamaican bobsledders? That can mean only one thing: the winter Olympics are nigh! And what Olympic celebration would be complete without a global celebration of artisan cheese? More

Serious Cheese: A Cheesemonger Tells All on Picking Favorites

I sell cheese all day, every day. And all day, every day, customers ask me for my favorite cheese. It's nearly impossible for me to asnwer —with so many cheeses spanning so many styles, how could I possibly choose? I have different favorites for different occasions. But if I were to be kicked out of society and sent to a deserted island, allowed only one cheese in my bag, there's only one that would make the cut. More

Gift Guide: For the Cheese Lover

The holidays are almost here. Stuck on what to get for the cheese lovers on your shopping list? Thankfully cheese people are relatively easy to shop for, and the internet has made it that much easier by providing an endless parade of cheese tools, toys, and treasures to choose from. Below you'll find some of my favorite finds for cheese fanatics, all vetted and enjoyed personally by your resident fromagère. That's me, in case you were unclear. *ahem* More

Giveaway: Win A Copy of 'Melt: The Art of Macaroni and Cheese'

It's always exciting for us when a SE contributor gets a book deal. It's even more exciting when the book comes out and the finished product is chock-full delicious recipes, beautiful pictures, and useful, fun information. Serious Cheese columnist Stephanie Stiavetti's and collaborator Garret McCord's new book, Melt: The Art of Macaroni and Cheese, accomplishes all that and more. Here's your chance to win a copy! More

Serious Cheese: Have You Ever Had Laban Kishk?

Laban kishk is yogurt like you've never had it before: dried with cracked bulgur wheat, fermented for three to five days, and ground to fine powder between two hands. Hailing from pastoral Lebanon and found throughout the Levant, laban kishk belongs to a larger family of preserved foods grouped under and derivative of the Persian kashk. More

Serious Cheese: 3 Unusual Goat's Milk Cheeses to Get You Hooked

Goat's milk has a very specific flavor. Many would call it tart, and there are countless simple goat cheeses that play up this personality trait more than anything else. True goat cheese lovers, however, understand that goat's milk can carry with it a symphony of characteristics ranging from grassy to meaty to an especially subtle sweetness that rewards those attentive to its nuanced flavor. It's these traits that we're focusing on today. More

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